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Theatre On Ice of Boston

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Theatre On Ice of Boston

Theatre on Ice of Boston proudly supports five full competitive teams. Theatre on Ice is a discipline of skating that focuses on originality, costuming, artistry, musicality, and choreography. It focuses on the team as a whole and is a great way to learn artistic and performance skating.

The Skating Club of Boston has five teams: Act 1, Imagica, Ovation, Encore, and Center Stage. Each team has its’ own requirements and levels associated with competing on that team.

Act 1 of Boston – Senior. This team includes the Club’s most skilled theatrical performers.

Imagica of Boston – Adult. Open to all ages, this team competes with all levels of skill.

Ovation of Boston – Junior. This highly competitive team was formed to give even more opportunity to compete on a theatre on ice team.

Encore of Boston – Novice. This team competes across the country, developing their theatrical and performance skating.

Center Stage of Boston – Beginner. This team is for those just beginning their Theatre On Ice journey. Through The Skating Club of Boston’s Theatre On Ice program, these skaters will have a chance to develop their theatrical skating.

The Skating Club of Boston Theatre On Ice teams continue to improve each season. Most recently, medalling at national and international championships. This success has been fostered by a concentration on skating skills, team building, and promoting the sport of figure skating.

To find out more about the Club’s Theatre On Ice program, please visit their web site at

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