Membership Categories:

Introductory Membership is available to skaters and the families of skaters who are actively participating in a Learn to Skate USA program or have participated in a program within the past calendar year. This membership is valid for the duration of one calendar year.

Family Membership is available to parents, guardians, children, and grandchildren under 25 years of age.

Single Membership is available to any person who is eighteen (18) years of age or over.

Officials Membership is available to all U.S. Figure Skating appointed test and competition officials, including judges, referees, technical specialists, accountants, and music staff.

Junior Membership is available, in general, to individuals who are over the age of eighteen (18) and under the age of twenty-five (25), with age to be determined as of the commencement of the regular Club season on July 1st.

Non-Resident Membership is available, in general, to families or individuals who have no home, place of study or place of business no less than one hundred (100) miles from Boston.

Satellite Membership is available to families or individuals who wish to make the Club ice at the Foxboro Satellite location their primary skating location. Please note that this class of membership does not confer any privileges at the Club’s Boston facility.

Team Membership is available to an individual who wishes to participate in either of the Club’s synchronized skating (Team Excel) or the theatre on ice (Theatre On Ice of Boston) programs.

Member Documents: 

Classes of Membership (PDF)
Membership Rights & Obligations (PDF)
Club Rules (PDF)
Club By-Laws (PDF)