With its ongoing growth and the many changes at the Club these past several years, many new and existing members may be unaware about the roles of the Club’s Board of Directors, its officers, the Executive Director, the Club Director, other members of its professional management team and its volunteer committees and chairpersons.

In addition to its primary operations at 1240 Soldiers Field Road, the Club also manages programs at other facilities, including a free skate program at the Foxboro Sports Center, a year-round program at the Boston Common Frog Pond, a comprehensive, multi-location learn-to-skate program (through the Club’s Skating Academy), annual events such as the Boston Open and Ice Chips, and periodic U.S. Figure Skating qualifying events, such as the 2019 New England Championships.

Each of these programs or events has Club management in place to ensure that the programs are well-run, consistent, and managed to the Club’s well-known, standard of excellence.

Please see below for a list of positions within the Club’s leadership team, including the primary responsibilities associated with the position. We have also included a [summary matrix of key positions], and who to contact should you have questions or issues regarding any part of your experience with the Club.

Volunteer Leadership


This position is appointed by the Club’s Board of Directors from a duly elected member of the Board.  The term of office is for two years. The position’s responsibilities include:

  • Executive leadership role via position on Club’s Executive Committee
  • Preside over Board meetings in the absence of Club President and Vice-President
  • Club Archivist and Chief Historian
  • Manage dispute resolution within the Board


This is a position voted on by the Club’s membership.  The term of office is one year. The position’s responsibilities include:

  • Provide strategic direction to Club Board of Directors and Executive Committee
  • Provide leadership to the Board of Directors, both between and during Board meetings
  • Develops and maintains Board manual, compiling important resource information for serving Board members
  • Lead Executive Committee meetings
  • Lead Club’s Annual Meeting
  • Coordinate annual appointments of Club Nominating Committee members, including review and approval by Club Board
  • Serve as official representative of the Club at member functions and events
  • Serve as principal representative of the Club to U.S. Figure Skating
  • Serve as principal representative of the Club to the New England Interclub Council
  • Lead Club’s annual delegation to U.S. Figure Skating’s National Governing Council convention
  • Represent the Club in national and local skating community
  • Review/sign Club contracts greater than $25,000 in value
  • Check signing authority
  • Authority to bind Club in all legal matters, as authorized by the Board
  • Works closely with the Executive Director
  • Supports transition to a successor when term is complete

Vice President

This is a position voted on by the Club’s membership.  The term of office is one year. The position’s responsibilities include:

  • Executive leadership role via position on Club’s Executive Committee
  • Support President in providing strategic direction for Club Board of Directors and Executive Committee
  • Stand in for Club president as necessary at Club events and functions
  • Attend all Board meetings
  • Attend Annual Meeting
  • Preside over Board meetings in the absence of the President
  • Planning and oversight of semi-annual Board retreats
  • Lead task forces or special committees as assigned by the President
  • Works closely with the Executive Director
  • Supports transition to a successor when term is complete


This is a position voted on by the Club’s membership.  The term of office is one year. The position’s responsibilities include:

  • Executive leadership role via position on Club’s Executive Committee
  • Attend all Board meetings and record all minutes
  • Oversee annual election, including all communications
  • Prepare and issue all required notices and agendas for Club Board meetings
  • Verify document retention policy
  • Attend Annual and Special Meetings and record minutes
  • Interpret Club Bylaws and Rules for Board members and Club members, as necessary
  • U.S. Figure Skating liaison for Membership Enrollment and Changes
  • File annual Statements of Domestic Corporation with Commonwealth of Massachusetts
  • Sign federal and state corporate documents, and/or other documents required for the administration of the Club
  • Supports transition to a successor when term is complete


This is a position voted on by the Club’s membership.  The term of office is one year. The position’s responsibilities include:

  • Executive leadership role via position on Club’s Executive Committee
  • Chair Club Finance Committee
  • Oversee adherence to Club’s financial policies
  • Oversight on all financial transactions
  • Manage Club’s investments
  • Ensure safe keeping of Club’s funds
  • Preview and approval of monthly financial reporting to Board
  • Preview and approval of Club Budgets
  • Check signing authority
  • Review Club contracts greater than $25,000 in value
  • Sign financial documents, and/or other documents required for the administration of the Club
  • Works closely with the Executive Director and Director of Finance and Business Administration
  • Supports transition to a successor when term is complete

Board of Directors

There is a total of 15 positions on the Club’s Board of Directors, with 4 of them being held by the Club’s officers.  The remaining 11 positions are elected by the Club’s membership for a term of two years. The terms are staggered so that turnover for these positions is either 5 or 6 members each year.  The Club’s chairman is elected by the Board from its 11 director members. The Club’s Executive Director is also a non-voting, ex-officio member of the Board.

A Board member’s responsibilities include:

  • Attend all Board meetings
  • Fiduciary oversight of the Club’s activities, including review and approval of annual budgets
  • Develop and hold strategic vision for organization, and ensure that Club’s mission is supported through Club’s activities
  • Consult with Club Executive Director, and vote approvals in matters of contracts over $25,000 in value, changes or adoption of member rules, and other matters affecting the welfare of the membership
  • Act in such a manner as to advise, and where required, give consent, to the Club Executive Director in affairs of the corporation
  • Evenly represent the interests of all Club programs in all discussions and strategic decisions
  • Attend at least one U.S. Figure Skating governing council convention during tenure on the Board
  • Join at least one task forces or special committee, if requested, by Club President

Safe Sport Compliance Chair

This position is appointed by the Club’s President, and its term is open ended.  The SafeSport Compliance Chair is responsible for the implementation and coordination of the U.S. Figure Skating SafeSport Program, which includes:

  • Serve as the Club’s primary contact with U.S. Figure Skating for all aspects of program education and implementation.
  • Oversees the drafting and implementation of Club policies regarding the program.
  • Work with the Executive Director to very that all Club coaches are SafeSport compliant per U.S. Figure Skating’s rules.
  • Work with the Club’s Membership Director to address complaints or incidents within the Club’s membership.
  • Seek to arbitrate or resolve any issues locally, if do not qualify as a formal U.S. Figure Skating complaint.
  • Refer all reports of violations to the appropriate U.S. Figure Skating committee.
  • Keeps current on U.S. Figure Skating’s updates to the program, and work with management for the proper dissemination of all appropriate information to the Club’s membership.

Awards Committee

The Awards Committee is made up of the Club’s Director, Membership Director, HP1240 Director, a coach and the Club’s Executive Director.  These individuals meet annually to review Club member submissions for awarding the Club’s various awards, and to also make and substantiate suggestions of their own.  The Club sends out a notice to the membership every Spring soliciting nominations and directing members to the Club’s award descriptions listed on the Club website. The Club’s Membership Director is the current Chairperson of the Awards Committee.

Ice Chips Committee

The Ice Chips Committee is an extensive organization of Club members all volunteering their time, creativity and energy to produce the most professional and polished club show in the country.  The show was first produced in 1912, and is the longest running amateur ice show in the world. The show committee is generally led by 1 to 3 chair persons, and a large number of committee chair persons and committee members managing all areas of the show.  Professional members of the team have generally included a show director, line producer, coaches and choreographers, a set and lighting designer, and a graphic designer for the program book.

Finance Committee

The Club’s Board of Directors created the Finance Committee as means for the Club’s leadership to more closely examine and review the Club’s financial operations, budgets, projections, investments and internal procedures before such matters come to the Board for final review and/or approval.   The Finance Committee previews and refines financial recommendations by the Executive Director before adding their own recommendation to the Board. The committee reviews weekly reports updating various financial metrics for the Club, including cash positions and accounts receivable. The Finance Committee also meets with the Club’s auditors each year, and makes a recommendation to the Board whether to approve the Club’s audit.   The Club’s Treasurer is the Chair of the Finance Committee.

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee is a requirement of the Club’s Bylaws, and its members are chosen each year by the Club Board, including its Chairperson. This is traditionally done under the leadership of the Club President, with review and approval by the Board.  The Nominating Committee is assigned the task to work independently of the Club Board, and identify suitable candidates for serving on the Club Board. These candidates are then presented to the Club membership for consideration and voting. After the Nominating Committee’s slate is announced to the membership, members may also put forth by petition their own candidates to be added to the final ballot.  

More information about the Club’s Nominating Committee and election process may be found on pages 6 and 7 of the Club’s Bylaws.  The Club’s Bylaws are available under the Member Documents section of the Club website.

Professional Management

Executive Director

The Club’s Executive Director has profit-and-loss responsibility for all of Club operations. These include the Club’s primary operations at 1240 Soldiers Field Road, the Club’s skating program at the Foxboro Sports Center, the Club’s Skating Academy, year-round operations at the Boston Common Frog Pond, Ice Chips, the Boston Open and other events the Club may take on from time to time.  Other responsibilities include:

  • Organizational vision, direction, strategy and goals
  • Change management
  • Oversight for Club programs and the membership experience
  • Management and oversight of Club coaches, including additions and deletions to staff
  • Community programs and relations
  • Finance oversight
  • Human resources oversight
  • Ice management
  • Initiate and draft rule changes
  • Off-ice management
  • Contract negotiation and administration
  • Internal and external communications
  • Oversight of website and social media
  • Oversight of Club’s archives and trophy and medal collection  

Club Director

The Club Director is responsible for all front office and membership operations, as well as all aspects of managing and maintaining the Club’s home facility at 1240 Soldiers Field Road.  The position reports to the Club Executive Director. These, and other responsibilities, include:

  • Oversight for all administrative duties in the Club’s front office, including the Active Net membership management system
  • Oversight for membership communications
  • Oversight for the Club’s facility, including the care and maintenance of refrigeration plant and direct management of all facility staff
  • Development and management of primary facility budget
  • Development of ice schedules, and management of ice sessions
  • Management of off-ice training
  • Club rule oversight and adherence
  • Oversight for Club dinners and special events
  • Direct sales, including ice, Club lockers, IJS system and skate rentals
  • New member processing
  • Introductory member management
  • Program and event support
  • Facility security
  • Oversight for Club test sessions
  • Manage U.S Figure Skating registrations and other requirements
  • Coordinates with Membership Director to solicit and understand feedback and suggestions regarding Club programing, policies and rules
  • Oversight of Club boutique licensee
  • Public skate sessions
  • Birthday parties and other special events for the public
  • Working with Club Secretary for the management of the Club election

Assistant Club Manager

The Club’s Assistant Manager is responsible for many of the day-to-day activities in the Club front office, including primary responsibility for the Active Net membership management system.  The Assistant Manager supports the Club Director in the execution and management of a variety of other activities. This position reports to the Club Director.

Membership Services Director

The Membership Services Director is responsible for many aspects of a positive membership experience at the Club.  This position works in close coordination with the Club Director and reports to the Club Executive Director.  The responsibilities of the Membership Services Director include the following:

  • Serve as ombudsman for Club members, and the primary point of contact for members for issue resolution and feedback regarding all aspects of the Club’s services and programs
  • Serve as liaison to the Club Safe Sport Compliance Officer, including communication and education about what Safesport is, and its importance to the Club, its coaches, its members and the sport.
  • Edit and manage publication of the Chips newsletter.
  • Oversee the Club Awards committee.
  • Oversee Club exhibitions and sanctions.
  • Manage Club merchandise sales effort, including HP1240 team jackets.
  • Shared oversight for the JAC program.
  • Conduct new member orientations, including all educational and reference materials and a special welcome gift.
  • Membership education for Club services and sport education
  • Oversee Member Handbook, including annual updates of Club member competitive records
  • Coordinate the Club’s SafeSport efforts with Club’s SafeSport Compliance Officer.
  • Manage dinners, teas, send-offs and other formal hospitality events at the Club.
  • Manage Alumni relations and reunions.
  • Build community spirit through volunteering and participation in Club events.

On-Ice Director

This position reports to the Club Director.  Its responsibilities are as follows:

  • Manage ice capacity by monitoring daily session utilization, requesting exceptions (if ever required), and making long-term recommendations to increase or decrease session use, and/or improve ice schedules.
  • Monitor coach compliance with ice and music rules, and address any issues of nonobservance as necessary.  
  • Monitor skater and parent compliance with ice and music rules, and report any instances of nonobservance to office as necessary.
  • Assist in the development of the seasonal ice schedules, and offer input that reflects the interests and needs of all coaches and members.

HP1240 Director

This position works closely with the Club Director and Membership Services Director, and reports to the Executive Director.

  • Develop a broad-based, structured approach for athlete development, and promote structure to Club coaching staff (e.g., annual goal setting and training plan development, setting behavioral expectations, etc.).
  • Develop and implement bi-monthly seminars [6 per year] on relevant topics such as nutrition, sports psychology, program performance, competition readiness, injury prevention, etc.
  • Coordinate annual, post-season, off-site, trip to foster camaraderie, team building and good will.
  • Coordinate with Club membership director for the creation and implementation of an education program for parents of competitive skaters to explain, encourage and support involvement in a comprehensive high performance training program.
  • Coordinate with Club office for proper tracking of athlete compliance with required elements of program.
  • Monitor overall effectiveness of high performance program and develop and present to Executive Director recommendations for enhancing program (requirements, components, incentives, etc.).
  • Serve as ambassador for The Skating Club of Boston at regional, sectional, national and international competitions by networking and promoting the Club as the premiere New England training center.

Director of Finance and Business Administration

The Director of Finance and Business Operations is responsible for leading and managing the financial, human resource, IT and administrative processes and systems at the Club. This position reports to the Club Executive Director.  Responsibilities include the following:

  • Supervise bookkeeping/accounting staff responsible for all accounts payable, accounts receivable and payroll processes including bank and cash reconciliations
  • Ensure financial controls.
  • Conduct operational audits and make recommendations for efficiency improvements
  • Create monthly and yearend financial statements for review by management and outside auditors.
  • Publish a weekly report of cash flow and A/R, with summary highlights of change
  • Liaison with outside auditing firm for the annual audit process, and preparation of annual state and federal tax returns.
  • Lead Club directors and managers in the annual budget development process
  • Provide financial analysis to make key strategic and operational decisions including fiscal review of key contracts.
  • Coordinate processing, filing, and payments of various tax requirements across Club businesses.
  • Oversee management of all payroll operations
  • Oversee consistent implementation of Club Personnel Policies, including periodic review and updating of Club Staff Handbook.
  • Coordinate with Club directors in the hiring (processes background checks) and termination of employees; as well as the development of job descriptions, compensation scales and bonus programs.
  • Support the Executive Director in the leadership of Club human resources, with the effective management of employee benefits; including health insurance, workers’ compensation, vacation and sick day tracking.
  • Manage contracts and vendor relationships to the benefit of Club, including insurance, office equipment and leases.
  • Ensure compliance with required non-profit filings, applications, applications, licenses and reports.

Assistiant Director of Finance and Business Administration

This position reports to the Club Director of Finance and Business Administration.  The position supports the Director of Finance in all areas of the Club’s business office, with primary responsibilities that include the following:

  • Supervise staff assistant in entering and making daily deposits.
  • Manage the membership billing area, with primary responsibility for assisting members with financial questions or concerns as they arise.
  • Reconcile deposits to the bank statement on a monthly basis.
  • Assist Director of Finance in completion of annual audit.
  • Assist Director of Finance in implementing and reviewing HR policies and procedures
  • Assist with benefits administration as needed.
  • Track and manage employee sick and vacation time off.
  • Assist with cash management/wire transfers as needed.
  • Work with other staff members to successfully support ActiveNet membership management software.

Web and Communications Associate Manager

The Web and Communications Associate Manager is responsible for the management of internal and external communications for all Club programs and events.  This is done through the various Club websites, social media platforms, emails and the newly adopted, weekly Club planner. This position reports to the Club Executive Director.  Responsibilities include:

  • Design, management and updating of all Club websites, including, www.scboston.org,  www.bostonfrogpond.com,  www.skatingacademy.org,  www.icechips.org and www.thenext100years.org  
  • Development, design and management of specialty Club sites, including those for the U.S. Championships and ISU World Figure Skating Championships.
  • Management of Club’s Bluehost, Google, WordPress and other platform accounts.
  • Management of Club’s multiple social networking accounts including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Management of Club’s communications database and email communications for its primary Club and Skating Academy memberships, including regular list updates, specialty surveys and Constant Contact outreach.
  • Creation and formatting of documents for on-line posting.
  • Creation of flyers, notices and posters.
  • Research, development and execution of electronic marketing opportunities for Club programs and events, including the Skating Academy, Frog Pond and all special events.

WebCom and Social Media Coordinator

The WebCom and Social Media Coordinator is responsible for day-to-day updates and posts to web, email communications and social media.  Responsibilities also include management of the monthly reporting and analytics for all web sites, social media and email accounts. This position reports to the Director of Communications and Social Media.

Frog Pond General Manager

The Frog Pond General Manager is responsible for all aspects of day-to-day operations at the Frog Pond, including management of the buildings and grounds, café, carousel, and set up and break down for the ice rink, reflecting pond and spray pool, as well as oversight and management for all employees, both permanent and seasonal.  The General Manager also deals on a cooperative basis with the City Parks and Recreation Department to maintain the Frog Pond and surrounding area, to provide clean and safe facilities, to facilitate well-run programming for the public and to provide superior customer service at all times. This position reports to the Club Executive Director.

Frog Pond Events Director

This is a part-time position with responsibility for all aspects of the creation and production of the full season of special events at the Frog Pond. The events currently include the Tree Lighting Holiday Spectacular, the First Night Skating Spectacular, the Highland Street Winter Camp, the Barks and Bagels Spring event, the Spray Pool Opening, Summer Yoga on the Common, September Movie Nights and the Halloween Pumpkin Float.  This position reports to the Club Executive Director and Frog Pond General Manager.

Skating Academy Operations Director

The Operations Director for the Skating Academy is responsible for all aspects of the day-to-day management and operation of the Skating Academy at all nine of its current locations.  This includes online registration, customer service, ice management and purchasing, and the oversight and direction of campus managers. This position reports to the Club Executive Director.

Skating Academy Operations Manager

The Assistant Operations Manager for the Skating Academy is responsible for supporting all aspects of day-to-day operations for all the Skating Academy campuses.   This includes set up and design of the class registration systems, assist in the management of online registration and compliance with U.S Figure Skating program standards, manage website updates and customer service, and assist in the operational and program management of all Skating Academy programs. This position reports to the Skating Academy Operations Director.

Foxboro Program Director

The Foxboro Program Director is responsible for the oversight and management of all day-to-day activities of the Club’s membership program at the Foxboro Sports Center.  This position reports to the Club Executive Director. Responsibilities include:

  • Day-to-day management of ice sessions, including walk-on sales and tracking.
  • Schedule development and coordination with the Foxboro Sports Center, Skating Academy and Team Excel.
  • Management of seasonal ice contracts for members and non-members.
  • Manage customer service for Club’s satellite members skating in Foxboro.
  • Introductory membership management.
  • Creation and production of special events, such as the Winter and Let’s Celebrate Exhibitions
  • Coordination of off-ice training opportunities.
  • Management of all test sessions at the Foxboro Sports Center
  • Management of the annual dress sale.


We hope this descriptive list of the Club’s volunteer leadership and professional management will assist you in better understanding all that the Club does for its membership and the community, as well as provide a guide for directing your questions and concerns to the appropriate person. As an added aid, we have prepared a chart of questions and individuals to seek out when you are looking to more specifically direct your inquiries that can be found here.  Please use the assigned numbers as the order in which to contact an individual with your question or concern. No matter the issue, the Club wants to be sure you feel welcome and heard whenever you have an issue or suggestion.