Ballet and Modern


Designed with skaters in mind, ballet curriculum follows the Cecchetti and Vaganova foundations of alignment, physical expression, and promotes maximum fluidity on the ice. Skaters learn correct alignment and body awareness to promote intellectual development, physical development, and injury prevention. All classes start with a complete barre warm-up, followed by across-the-floor and centre work. Upper levels include adagio, petite allegro, and grande allegro combinations. Classes are open to all levels unless otherwise noted.

Modern: Horton & Limón

Horton and Limón techniques combine Ballet technique with Modern movement language through extension, contraction, fall & recovery. The class consists of a warm-up in centre through lateral  movement, contraction and dynamic stretching. Through the warm-up series, students gain a heightened awareness of body, weight, balance and core strength. Centre-work includes Limón combinations, Horton preludes & combinations and choreographic repertoire. If you have ever seen and admired the Alvin Ailey Dance Theater, you have been watching Horton’s legacy in action. Ailey was a student and company dancer of Lester Horton and Ailey brought the technique to New York and his legendary choreography.

To register for classes, please contact the Club office at (617) 782-5900.
Online registration for off-ice classes will be made available during the month of February.

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