Best of Luck to the Club’s 2018 Eastern Sectionals Competitors!


The Club proudly wishes the best of luck to all competitors at the 2018 Eastern Sectional Figure Skating Championships.

Official Competition Results


Juvenile Boys Place
Alexander Bologov 12
Jonathan Hildebrandt 7
Jack Liu 11
Luke Witkowski 8


Juvenile Girls Place
Richelle Chang 8


 Juvenile Dance Place
Emma L’Esperance & Mika Amdour 4
Jasmine Lanata & Will Annis 6


Juvenile Pairs Place
Claire Fleming & Anthony Ying 6
Katie Mousseau & Damian Jarvis 5


Intermediate Men Place
Ryan Siracuse 7


Intermediate Ladies Place
Indi Cha 1
Hazel Collier 8


Intermediate Pairs Place
Cate Fleming & Jedidiah Isbell 1


Novice Ladies Place
Emilia Murdock  5
Maddie Weiler  1


Novice Men Place
Jedidiah Isbell  7
Seungil (Rick) Lee  11


Novice Dance Place
TJ Carey & Anna Pettersson 4


Junior Ladies Place
Dayoon Chang  9
Analise Gonzalez  7
Liza Hayes  6
Gabriella Izzo  3


Junior Men Place
Jun-Hong Chen  7
Maxim Naumov  1


Senior Ladies Place
Emmy Ma  1
Heidi Munger  5
Rebecca Peng  7
Megan Wessenberg  4


Senior Men Place
Curran Oi  5
Kevin Shum  2

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