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Conditioning with
Ariel Gagnon
Certified Personal Trainer and Performance Specialist focusing on off-ice strength and conditioning.
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Ballet Lessons

Anne Goldberg
Anne blurs the definitions of skating, music, and dance in her holistic approach to coaching, calling on her unique skill set as an avant-garde composer, choreographer, and performer. She is a quintuple gold medalist, holding freestyle, moves in the field, partnered and solo dance as well as international ice dance, and Canadian Gold Artistry.
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Among figure skaters, it’s no secret that preparing your body off the ice is just as important as training on the ice to reach your full competitive potential. As a top-tier training facility, The Skating Club of Boston® offers access to off-ice trainers at our Boston location.

Members and non-members are encouraged to contact our off-ice trainers to take classes focused on:

  • Building Strength, Flexibility, and Agility
  • Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation
  • Improving Artistic Expression and Movement