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 Skate Fit classes at The Skating Club of Boston

Skate Fit is a strength, flexibility, and injury prevention class developed for the unique sport specific needs of all figure skaters. Skate Fit is a high energy, quick paced strength and flexibility class with an emphasis on form and control. Each workout includes core, glute, upper body, lower body, foot and ankle strengthening, as well as balance, body mechanics, and flexibility. Skate Fit also includes education and feedback throughout the workout to the help skaters continue to learn body awareness, how to modify exercises to their own strength level, safe workout and cross training techniques, and the basic principles of injury prevention.

Girl Fit Physical Therapygirl fit physical therapy

Girl Fit Physical Therapy is dedicated to health, wellness, injury prevention, and providing girls with the tools to stay strong, fit, and achieve their dreams. Through physical therapy, injury prevention, guided workouts, and group fitness classes, Girl Fit Physical Therapy helps girls build their strength, flexibility, balance, and confidence. Girl Fit is a strength, flexibility, and injury prevention class tailored to the unique needs of adolescent female athletes. Each workout consists of a dynamic warm up, upper body strengthening, core and glute strengthening, hip stability, lower body and posterior chain strengthening, ankle stability, balance, body mechanics, and stretching. Education and feedback are provided throughout the workouts to the help girls learn to listen to their bodies & to modify exercises to their own strength level. Girl Fit is a fast paced, challenging, and fun off ice training option for skaters.

Who runs Skate Fit and Girl Fit?

Girl Fit Physical Therapy has a great team dedicated to keeping you strong, flexible, and injury free. All of their instructors specialize in exercise and conditioning just for athletes and will help bring you to the next level on the ice! They know skaters!

2018-2019 School-Year Schedule

Strength, Power & Agility
Mondays 5:15 PM
Thursdays 3:15 PM
Core, Balance & Flexibility
Thursdays 6:45 PM

Girl Fit is also offered at the Girl Fit Physical Therapy studio in Newton, MA. See the MindBody Connect app for a full schedule

Classes are $18 each or $80 for a package of 5 and $150 for a package of 10. All classes can be scheduled through the “MindBody Connect” app (search “Girl Fit Physical Therapy”). Classes need at least 8 skaters signed up by 1 week prior to the class, or the class will be cancelled. Skate Fit classes must be cancelled at least a week prior to class or you will be charged.

What other services are offered?

Girl Fit Physical Therapy offers physical therapy, 1 on 1 training for injury prevention and performance enhancement, and Work It Out sessions for supervised individualized exercise & training.

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