Elliot Hilton

Elliot HiltonPhone: 781-825-5724
Email Address: 935hilton@gmail.com

Began Coaching in 2009
Disciplines / Specialties:
Singles / Jump technique, Skating skills

Affiliation with U.S. Figure Skating, PSA, ISU:
U.S. Figure Skating and PSA member

Competitive Background:
National Team Member 2001-2010
British Olympic Association Squad Member 2005-2010
British National Champion 2002, 2005, 2007 (A.Novice, Junior, Senior)
Youth Olympic Games competitor
Junior World Figure Skating Championship competitor
European Figure Skating Championship competitor
World Figure Skating Championship competitor

Coaching Philosophy:
In my experience, strong basics / edge control and body awareness are essential in every aspect of skating, and are a huge factor for successful steps, spins and jumps. My coaching method is that I can concisely communicate and break down technical information in a way that the student can recognize, understand and analyze for themselves. I make myself the bridge for them to progress, and bring out the best in themselves, in a motivating and supportive setting.

Additional Comments:
I enjoy working with all levels of skaters, from beginner to advanced, and also working alongside other coaches. I think it not only enables the skater’s progression by using their partnership of coaches’ key attributes, but also helps our capacity as coaches.   With the sport ever evolving, there is always something to learn.  There is a greater depth of knowledge for all involved when working in conjunction towards the same goal.  My focus is to teach the skater to recognize when a jump is right or wrong, what to think about, and what to ignore.  I also recognize when it’s necessary to liaise with off-ice trainers to pinpoint specific areas to work on that will benefit the skater to help achieve their goal.