Erika Hoffman

erika-hoffman-club-coachNumber of Years Coaching: 18+

Phone: 401-486-8525
Email Address:

Personal Profile:
Figure skater, coach, teacher, and an avid Boston Red Sox fan. I began my journey through this lifelong sport as I was starting to take my first steps and learning how to get up when I fell. In those moments, it was a necessity, but learning to get up when I fell, reached far beyond the ice and those first wobbly steps.

Disciplines / Specialties:
Moves in the Field, Ice Dance, Singles, and Choreography. Emphasis on the development of sound skating fundamentals to include Balance, Posture, Stroking, and Quality Edges.

Formal Education:
Northeastern University, Master of Arts in Teaching, Education
– Sigma Epsilon Rho Honor Society
Providence College, Bachelor of Arts, Double Major in History and Studio Art

PSA Certified Rating – Synchronized
PSA and U.S. Figure Skating CER Certified – Category A
SafeSport Compliant
PSA Level IV Ranking

Private Coaching Achievements:
Setting individualized attainable goal plans
Coached Regional & Sectional Free Skate Competitors
Coached students through Senior Moves in the Field, Senior Free Skate, Gold & International Dance Tests
Students on TEAM USA Synchronized Skating teams currently: Haydenettes, Lexettes, Skyliners Jr. and previously Miami University Varsity
Students on Sectional and National Synchronized Skating teams currently: Ice Mates, Star Mates, Mini Mates, Esprit De Corps, Shooting Stars

Synchronized Coaching:
Head Coach, Hayden Synchronized Skating Preliminary, Intermediate & Novice Teams, 2011-Present
Assistant Coach & Choreographer, Esprit De Corps Adult Team, 2014-Present
Assistant Coach, Hayden Synchronized Skating Novice & Junior Teams, 2010-2014
Head Coach, Warwick Figure Skaters Juvenile Synchro Team, 2004-2006
Assistant Coach, Warwick Figure Skaters Preliminary, Intermediate, Novice, Junior & Senior Synchro Teams (varying levels), 2002-2006

Competitive Background:
Figure Skating 
Quadruple Gold Medalist, U.S. Figure Skating
– Freestyle (Free Skate), Moves in the Field, Dance, Free Dance
Completed International Dance tests
Canadian Gold Level Free Skate and Dance
Regional, Sectional, Novice International Competitor in Ice Dance
Synchronized Skating
National Synchronized Competitor, 1996-2013
Novice National Champions, 1997
Junior National Champions, 1999 and 2000
Member of Team Cheerios Team of the Year, 1998
Member of first Junior World Challenge Cup Team, 2001
U.S. Figure Skating Senior Synchronized Skating World Competitor, 2007-2011
Haydenettes, U.S. Champions in 2007, 2008, 2010, and 2011
2008 World Free Skate Bronze Medalist
2009 French Cup Bronze Medalist
2010 Cup of Berlin Bronze Medalist
2010 World Short Program – Silver Medal; Long Program – Bronze Medal
2011 Mozart Cup Silver Medalist
2011 World Short Program – Bronze Medal
2010 & 2011 World Bronze Medalist (overall)

Coaching Philosophy:
I love coaching because it blends my two passions, teaching and skating, together. Watching athletes develop a sense of mastery and agency for their own skating is rewarding. As with all things in life, I believe strong basics are the key to excellent skating. Technique and understanding of the sport are essential to being able to grow and tackle more difficult skills. Beyond the basics, skating can give us something special to carry with us beyond the walls of the rink. Skating can help us believe in ourselves and our teammates. It can encourage us to build each other up so that together we can achieve great things. It is okay to fall, and in fact, it is necessary if we are genuinely pushing ourselves. Stumbles, setbacks, and missteps are all part of skating and life. It is how we choose to respond to them that makes all the difference. I believe we can come back stronger and better prepared each time we are faced with challenges. My goal is always to make every athlete feel supported and safe. I want them to find joy in their skating, but also learn reliable techniques to build upon.