2015 Nationals Competitors

The Skating Club of Boston proudly wishes the best of luck to all Club competitors at the 2015 Prudential U.S. Figure Skating Championships!

(Edited January 26, 2015 to include final results)

Madeleine Weiler – Juvenile Girls (6th place, 48.16)
Catherine Fleming – Juvenile Pairs (Jedediah Isbell) (10th place, 30.13)
Jedediah Isbell – Juvenile Pairs (Catherine Fleming)(10th place, 30.13)
Lindsey Stevenson – Juvenile Pairs (Franz-Peter Jerosch) (8th place, 31.37)
Franz-Peter Jerosch – Juvenile Pairs (Lindsey Stevenson)(8th place, 31.37)
Jade Esposito – Intermediate Pairs (Nathan Rensing) (6th place, 82.79)
Liza Hayes – Intermediate Ladies (8th place, 88.05)
Jin Baseman – Novice Ladies (5th place, 109.04)
Juliette Erickson – Novice Pairs (Nathan Grundhofer) (12th place, 77.75)
Alexandra Iovanna – Novice Pairs (Matthew Rounis) (11th place, 84.07)
Matthew Rounis – Novice Pairs (Alexandra Iovanna)(11th place, 84.07)
Rebecca Peng – Junior Ladies (6th place, 141.60)
Megan Wessenberg – Junior Ladies (9th place, 133.52)
Kay Bergdolt – Junior Pairs (Miles Addison) (8th place, 113.51)
Miles Addison – Junior Pairs (Kay Bergdolt)(8th place, 113.51)
Marissa Castelli -Senior Pairs (Mervin Tran) (6th place, 169.14)
Mervin Tran – Senior Pairs (Marissa Castelli)(6th place, 169.14)
Alexandria Shaughnessy – Senior Pairs (James Morgan) (10th place, 131.20)
James Morgan – Senior Pairs (Alexandria Shaughnessy)(10th place, 131.20)
DeeDee Leng – Senior Pairs (Simon Shnapir) (8th place, 160.29)
Simon Shnapir – Senior Pairs (DeeDee Leng)(8th place, 160.29)
Gretchen Donlan – Senior Pairs (Nathan Bartholomay) (7th place, 168.05)
Colin McManus – Senior Dance (Anastasia Cannuscio) (5th place, 156.48)
Christina Gao – Senior Ladies (11th place, 160.60)
Stephen Carriere – Senior Men (WD)
Ross Miner – Senior Men (6th place, 249.28)

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