Club Management Changes

Dear Member,

As many of you may already know, the Club’s Director, Jon Jepson, submitted his resignation late last year. His last day at the Club was this past Wednesday. We want to thank Jon for his time with the Club, and in particular, for his role on the Club’s building committee in the design and construction of our new facility. We wish him all the best in his future endeavors.

I am very excited to announce that Jon’s successor in the position of Club Director is Mia Corsini Bailey. Mia comes to the Club from U.S. Figure Skating, where she has been a senior member of the Events Department since 2013, focusing on the athlete experience within the sport. In her position, Mia has worked with U.S. Figure Skating athletes, parents, officials and coaches from around the country, and developed her organizational, administrative and communication skills with her management team in Colorado Springs, and countless local organizing committees. Mia has a Bachelor of Science in Sport and Entertainment Management from the University of South Carolina. In being considered by the Club for the position, she met with multiple members of the Club management team and Board. As a group, we are confident in her passion for the sport, and her appreciation of the Club’s legacy and understanding of our strategic plan for the future. We are equally confident in Mia’s ability to inspire and mentor our Club office team, and to capably lead them in serving the needs of the Club and our membership.

Mia will be joining the Club on May 30, 2023, after she has completed the current event season with U.S. Figure Skating. In the interim, Brian Podgurski will continue as the Club’s Associate Manager, and Joy Johns as the Club’s Assistant Manager. They will be assisted by myself and the Club’s Vice President, Kelly Requadt. Please continue to bring questions or issues to the Club office, and as appropriate, to the Club’s Membership Services Director, Katharine Steeger.

Finally, any change in leadership is an opportunity for change and improvement in management. With this new opportunity, our entire management team is already evaluating multiple processes in the Club’s office for streamlining, greater efficiency, better accuracy, more reliability and improved communication. We hope these upcoming changes in how we do business will improve and make your experience with the Club more enjoyable.


Doug Zeghibe
Executive Director