Reminder: Club Rule IR – 12

December 21, 2022

Dear Member,

According to the Club Rules, the boards in the Performance Center, East Rink and West Rink are to be kept free of all objects during an ice resurface.

IR 12 – To avoid having items fall on the ice where they could be caught up in the ice resurfacers, the boards are to be kept free of all objects during an ice resurface.

Today, a jacket was left along the boards during an ice resurface, which fell onto the ice, and was subsequently caught by the Club’s ice resurfacer. This preventable incident caused extensive damage to the ice resurfacer which is now out of commission for the time being and likely to result in the cost of several thousand dollars to repair.

Due to the fact that one of the Club’s ice resurfacers was already in a state of repair, the Club is now left with one operational ice resurfacer. This could possibly lead to ice schedule changes for Thursday, December 22nd, as well as impact the schedules for additional days depending on when the repairs can be completed. Club management is making every effort to minimize the impact on the facility’s schedules.

In the event of changes to the schedules, contracted skaters will be notified by the Club office. If you are planning on attending a session as a Walk-On, please visit the ice schedule notices page before traveling to the Club.

Finally, please remember that the Club Rules are in place to not only ensure the safety and well-being of all Club members, but to also ensure the smooth operation of the Club. Violation of the Club Rules can result in fines or disciplinary action. To review the Club Rules, please visit the Club website or click here.


The Skating Club of Boston