Club Update: April 16, 2021

Dear Member,

This is your very short Captain’s log for April 16, 2021, reporting from a small corner of the Club’s bridge at 750 University Avenue. (And for folks who may have missed my earliest reports during the pandemic, my original imagery in establishing a Captain’s log was of Captain Kirk on the bridge of the Starship Enterprise…boldly going where no man has gone before. Not the Evergreen stuck in the Suez Canal, or a leaking ship taking on water. Despite the water our ship took on over the winter.)

COVID-19 Update
We had one reported case of COVID-19 at the Club this past week with a non-member. The individual and their cohort circle followed all established communication and quarantine protocols. There have been no identified contacts at the Club outside of the individual’s bubble, and there has been no evidence of any transmissions of the virus at the Club.

As always, please contact Cheri Rigby directly if you any questions regarding COVID-19 or in understanding the Club’s safety protocols. She can be reached at

Summer Ice Schedule and Registration
The schedule for this summer’s ice has been posted and can be found here. Registration will open in early May. If you have any questions about the schedule, please contact the Club office at

Summer Deck
As a reminder, the Club has a front deck that is accessed through the mezzanine hallway between the Board Room and the Library and Academic Center. If the door is locked, just turn the knob for access. The tables and chairs have been cleaned and put out now that the warm weather is (almost) here. It’s a great place for coffee, lunch or just breathing in the fresh air and clearing your head.

Along the same lines, the picnic table (for the east side of the front of the building) will be arriving in early May. If eating outdoors gains in popularity, we’ll invest in a few more tables. We’ll also be investing in additional exterior garbage cans for everyone’s convenience. If we all help to keep the Club’s grounds clean and free of trash and waste, there will be even more reason for every one of us to spend time out there.

Awards Ceremony Reminder
This is another reminder that the annual Club Awards Ceremony will be on May 7, 2021. The ceremony will once again be virtual this year, and pre-registration is required to access the video link. Registration is now open and can be accessed here. While we still look forward to having the Awards Ceremony in person again, the virtual ceremony is still a fun and convenient opportunity for the Club to come together as one community as we approach the end of the primary skating season. The Club Awards Banquet and ceremony has a long tradition at the Club, and as we grow and change in so many different ways, some Club traditions become even more important. I think these include Ice Chips, the Club Competition, and the annual Banquet/Awards Ceremony. I hope everyone will attend and cheer on those skaters and members who have stood out for their various achievements this past season. You may think you know who might win a specific award, but you never really do until that name is announced.

Thank you, everyone. Even during these ongoing tough times, I am feeling grateful that we have the country’s top figure-skating facility, and we are open and supporting the sport we all love. And even during those moments, we might hate it, we still love to hate it.


Doug Zeghibe
Executive Director