Club Update: August 7, 2020

Dear Member,

This is your Captain’s log update for August 7, 2020. August seems half-over already, and it’s only been one week. Would somebody please stand on the hands of the Club clock at 1240 Soldiers Field Road and slow down time, please? That same clock, by the way, will be moving with us to Norwood. Refurbished, keeping time on the West Rink wall, and adding a bit of nostalgia in our (almost) all-modern, new home.

Fall Ice Schedule
The draft schedule has been revised this week based on some very meaningful input from members and coaches. We have re-classified many sessions to better accommodate members traveling near and far, combined some sessions at the suggestion of coaches, tweaked some times here and there, and offered some additional detail where there were questions. Many thanks to Jon Jepson, Brian Podgurski and Ben Anderson for working so hard on this. Many thanks too to our coaches and members who reached out and contributed. The revised schedule can be viewed here. Registration will open next week.

New Coaches
With the Club’s affiliation and merger with the Yarmouth Ice Club, and the Club’s own Foxboro program migrating to Norwood in September, we have welcomed many new coaches to the Club’s staff. We are also welcoming a few new coaches from other areas. All the Club’s coaches are now featured on the Club’s newly organized and designed coaches page. You can see it here. A hearty welcome to all!

Thank you, Joe!
Without a doubt, Club President Joe Blount has been the most valuable player when it comes to the Club building the building the Club wants to build. Sound like a tongue twister?! What I mean here is that Joe’s experience as an architect, his shrewd eye for detail, his uncanny memory and his lack of patience for nonsense, have kept the actual construction of the building tight to the Club’s plan. With a project this large, and so many moving parts and details from parking signs too close to gas lines to rink boards a few inches off-plan, there are countless opportunities to miss a detail or forget an update. Joe has caught every discrepancy. He has kept the hired professionals on their toes from start to finish, and his comments have kept everyone on the project management team on their toes. In my opinion, Joe should actually be on the builder’s payroll. But they now get to share in what the Club has enjoyed for the past 20 years that Joe has shepherded this project. Many folks left the Club, others gave up, some left and came back, some like myself came in halfway through the process. But Joe has held the torch for building a custom facility, and carried it forth throughout. We are incredibly fortunate for his passion and commitment. And his knowledge and confidence in how to build a building this large!

The Next 100 Years Capital Campaign
The Campaign rolls on! The actual seats are now on-site in Norwood, and are currently being installed. I thought we would have photos to post this week, but it actually takes a whole lot of time to build the infrastructure and install 2,500 seats. If you have not already, now is the time to join the effort. Pledges of $3,000 or more can be paid out in up to five years. Pledges of $5,000 or more will also feature your name on the donor wall of honor in the Club’s main lobby. To name a seat, click here. If you have any questions, would like to make a pledge over time, or choose the exact location of your seat, please call Erique L’Heureux at 978-551-1152. Have I mentioned that these are really classy and comfortable seats? Fully upholstered on the arms, seats and backs. You’ll be able to sit in them for hours and not get fidgety, while reading the name of the generous and thoughtful donor who helped make it all possible.

None of This Matters
Right? None of any of this matters if we can’t keep 1240 Soldiers Field Road, and soon, 750 University Avenue, open. Thanks to all our skaters who continue to observe the mask policy, both on and off the ice. Thank you for that, for social distancing, and for practicing the same behavior while away from the Club too. Your leadership and perseverance are greatly appreciated, and to be admired. Unfortunately though, I know a few of our skaters find all of this amusing. That is quite sad actually, because the stark reality of the pandemic is all around us. I don’t understand why anyone would ignore it. Mask wearing, social distancing and good hand-washing work. It keeps people alive. Parents! Please keep talking to your kids.

We are a skating club made up of some pretty smart people. We are not a Georgia high school. But we do share the very same vulnerability during this pandemic.


Doug Zeghibe
Executive Director