Club Update: June 12, 2020

Dear Member,

This is your Captain’s log update for June 12, 2020. Reporting from the (not-so remote) bridge of The Skating Club of Boston. Along with our members, management is slowly adding more time at the Club and the Club business office as we continue to guide Star Ship Skating Club through the pandemic. As I mentioned last week, the pandemic is not over. We just now have permission to slowly return to our lives with the added knowledge and guidelines for us all to assume more responsibility and to now keep ourselves safe.

Re-Opening Recap
What I want to write is that the Club has had an amazing re-opening this week. But I can’t quite. Much to my dismay. Instead, it was a really good re-opening, all things considered. I am super proud of the Club management team for setting up the facility per all guidelines, and for administering the guidelines in practice. Thanks to Jon, Brian, Katharine, Jamie, Kat, Tony, Dave, Frannie and Xavier. They worked as a team and pulled it all together. Many thanks to all our members who followed every detail of the guidelines while in the Club. That’s what we need to see, and that’s what will keep the Club open! What is discouraging though, is the better judgement that seems to have disappeared for a few parents and skaters when in the Club parking lot. It’s hard to remain vigilant at all times. It’s hard to see your friends in person after so long and not hug and celebrate your friendships. Of course, we know that. But it only takes one asymptomatic individual to infect the Club’s passionate herd of skaters. Be more safe, rather than less safe. Our Club coaches have also been sternly reminded that they are supposed to be leaders in our community, and they have no choice but to remember all guidelines and scrupulously follow them. Coaches will be suspended if they are found to be putting the Club community at risk by not following the guidelines. I refuse to see the Club potentially closed because we cannot as a group adhere to simple practices, however inconvenient they may be in the short term. The pandemic is not over. It is on all of us to keep ourselves safe. That is the only thing we can control.

Ice Credit Requests for this Season
The season is ending, and quite importantly, the Club’s fiscal year also ends on June 30, 2020. What that means for the Club’s finance department is that they need to close out our books for the fiscal year to begin preparing our numbers for the Club audit. We need our numbers to be accurate and timely, which means we need to apply all requested credits for this season’s contracted ice by June 20th. That is a week from tomorrow. If you are seeking a credit for unused ice due to the Club being closed from March 16 – June 20, 2020, you must request it now at We have to close the books for this fiscal year, and it is not appropriate to be asking for credits after the season has concluded. We are happy to offer the credits, of course. We only ask that you do it in a timely fashion and by the end of next week. After June 20, 2020, any unpaid ice will become officially overdue.

Annual Meeting
Tonight is the Club’s annual meeting. We look forward to seeing everyone who has registered. It’s an opportunity for some of us to review the Club’s performance over the past year, and to also highlight what to look forward to for the coming year. With the ongoing pandemic and development of the Club’s new facility, there has never been a more exciting or challenging time to plan for the Club’s future. We will share all that we know, and also all that we don’t yet know. (Almost always just as important.) While this year’s election for officers and directors is uncontested, the Club will still report on the voting results to update the Club’s bylaws. For those of you not attending the meeting, election results will be included in tomorrow’s weekly planner.

Instagram Live Archives
Jimmy Morgan will return with his Instagram Live series one last time this season. Tomorrow, Jimmy’s guests will be Club coaches, Mel Lambert and Fred Palascak. Fred and Mel have an exciting history in the sport that spans a competitive career, a performing career, a professional career, and a television career. There’s likely even more! The Club’s Instagram Live segment is (almost) every Saturday at 1:00 pm on the Club’s Instagram page. If you miss it, the interviews are posted shortly afterwards on the Club’s website under the About, and then the News & Media links. Many thanks to Jimmy for being our host and putting together a thoroughly enjoyable series while we were locked down! If you have enjoyed this new Club feature, be sure to let Katharine Steeger know. If there is interest, we will see if Jimmy is up for more engaging segments once we are in our new facility in Norwood.

What’s Next?
Being smart and staying smart. We have to remain vigilant because this is going to be an extended ordeal. Here at the Club, and throughout the Commonwealth. We have all been well-educated by now on how the virus is most easily transmitted, and that the lifting of the government restrictions is not a statement that the pandemic is over. It is a statement that the responsibility for our safety has now been turned over to each of us. The virus is still with us. Sadly, and to all of our great frustration. We could have up to a whole year of needing to act smart in and outside the rink. Because what we do outside of the Club now affects what we all do inside the Club. Please be safe and conscientious everywhere you go. We want every single member to stay well. We also want the Club to stay open and to fulfill its essential purpose of providing joy and recreation and community to all our members.

Stay safe and sane inside insanity everyone! The insanity continues. So, we must act Massachusetts and Boston smart!


Doug Zeghibe
Executive Director