Club Update: May 1, 2020

Dear Member,

This is your Captain’s log update for May 1, 2020. Reporting from the (remote) bridge of The Skating Club of Boston. Today is May Day, although it’s hard to believe Spring should already be here by now with all the cold, wet weather this week. It’s also hard not to anticipate Cinco de Mayo after this weekend!

The Past Week
If you know me at all by now, you will know that I can usually be counted on for a wry or comedic take on almost anything. But not so with the State and City extensions of business closures and construction sites through May 18th. I just don’t see any humor in this. But we soldier on! We take this added time to coordinate our re-opening plans with other facilities here and in other states, and with U.S. Figure Skating. I joined a U.S. Figure Skating advisory group for helping to determine a national plan for best practices for facilities hosting skating competitions this next season. As well as offer input, it will be a great opportunity to hear the input of others and see what ideas might also work for daily practice at 1240 Soldiers Field Road. Club president, Joe Blount is already researching thermal imaging systems as a more efficient means of screening current members and future spectators for their temperatures. Now that we will soon be operating an events center as well as a skating club, some of the investments we need for the events center could also make life more secure and more efficient on a day-to-day basis at the Club.

Instagram Live Archives
Jimmy Morgan’s Instagram Live interviews continue tomorrow at 1:00 pm on Instagram. Jimmy will be interviewing his next special guest, long-time Club member and founder of Joy Skate Productions, Elin Schran. If you don’t already know Elin, I hope you tune in to Instagram, or look for the interview once it is posted on the Club website. It is impossible to be depressed or gloomy when in the room with Elin! She is so naturally upbeat and filled with the joy of skating and the joy of life. And Elin does such incredibly interesting and meaningful things in skating. I can’t wait for the interview, and to welcome Elin’s classes and productions to the Club’s new facility.

Summer Ice
An email went out earlier today offering some added detail for how the Club is approaching its plans for summer ice. We encourage everyone interested in skating at the Club this summer to register with their desired sessions as best they can currently determine. Deposits will be refunded for any ice that is not available, or for ice that is offered but declined. For now, it is important to gauge how many members would like to contract ice this summer so we can best plan adaptations to the schedule based on likely reduced capacity limitations. If we don’t hear from you now, there is the possibility the Club’s sessions could be fully booked once you do make a final determination. Again, deposits will be refunded for any ice that is not available, or for ice that is offered, but declined.

Face Masks and Gloves
If you are looking for more activities in your sequestered time at home, I would recommend securing or making your own face masks that skaters can bring to the Club. Washable is always preferred, and if you can, have several available so that you can plan on single use at the Club. I also think washable gloves would be another good idea to consider – again so that they can be cleaned between each day’s skating at the Club.

Banana Bread and Kickboxing
Well, you just don’t think they have anything to do with each other! But they are both ways to stay virtually connected with your friends in the Club. The Club’s Junior Activities Committee is hosting virtual #ClubConnected events every Friday evening at 7:00 pm. Tonight is all about baking banana bread. (Chocolate chips and walnuts please!) Join the group on the Club’s Instagram page and enjoy your bread outside this weekend. Check out tomorrow’s weekly planner for the details and how to register for next week’s free FitKick class with SkooJ. Great to see the JAC bringing some new and different ideas to the Club community that everyone can share. Thank you!

If You Are Going Through Hell
One of my favorite quotes that I frequently turn to in times of stress is from Winston Churchill. “If you are going through hell, keep going.” Such amazing and pithy advice. We all just need to keep going. This was a hard week for me with the disappointment of the extended closures. I absolutely know they are needed, of course. But I suspect our collective frustration only grows. But we keep going. We keep planning and keeping as much forward momentum as we can. With momentum, you can steer the ship. If you are dead in the water, you are just that. There is plenty to do, of course, in planning for our re-opening, for summer ice, for the fall season in Norwood, for finishing and opening the Norwood facility and for completing the capital campaign. Club management is busy. But we are deeply sharing your frustration, while still knowing that if we just keep our collective heads down and moving forward, we will eventually be through this. So let’s all keep going!

Stay safe and sane inside insanity everyone. And keep going!


Doug Zeghibe
Executive Director

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