Club Update: May 22, 2020

Dear Member,

This is your Captain’s log update for May 22, 2020. Reporting from the (remote) bridge of The Skating Club of Boston. Memorial Day weekend is early this year, and it appears that we will have even more to remember about this time in our lives in the coming years. In addition to all of our very memorable frustrations, disappointments, and in some cases very real losses, I hope we can also find a way to remember all the good we have experienced through the pandemic. Whether it is the simple joy of nature, renewed friendships, or added time with our pets and loved ones. Opportunity is everywhere we look.

Re-Opening Guidelines
I have referenced these guidelines for re-opening the Club for the past few weeks, and we will be posting the draft format on the Club website’s homepage. You can also find them here. These new procedures are intended to offer an increased level of safety and assurance to our members, and are based on all currently available information from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the City of Boston, and the new operating guidelines from U.S. Figure Skating and the U.S. Ice Rinks Association. We are posting them in draft format as they may change further still based on any new information that may become available. We will post a final version shortly before we are cleared by the state and the city to re-open under these new conditions. We are interested in your feedback if you want to share any thoughts with us at

Health Questionnaire and Waiver
We have also posted the Club’s draft health questionnaire along with the new guidelines. All members will be required to complete the questionnaire before entering the facility. As you may have already expected, it includes a Waiver and Release of Liability for returning to the facility. While the Club is making every effort to secure the facility and to put in place every recommended practice, we cannot guarantee every member’s protection from the virus. I am not sure this is possible anywhere. There is some level of risk for all of us as we re-emerge from our homes and circles of isolation. Our job is to best mitigate that risk while you are at the Club.

Out-of-State Quarantines
We realize that a number of our members are leaving Massachusetts so that they can more immediately resume their training. We are, of course, disappointed that because of local restrictions we can’t meet their ice needs at this time. We fully support all members doing what they believe is best for their skater and for their family. But returning to Massachusetts while the Governor’s advisory to quarantine for 14 days is still in effect presents a new challenge for the Club. We want you back on Club ice as soon as possible. But we must also continue to operate in a manner that protects the entire community as best we can. Because almost every other state in the country has greatly loosened restrictions compared to Massachusetts, we have to assume that everyone returning to the Club from out of state presents a higher risk. We will be asking every member returning to the Club from out of state to self-quarantine for 14 days before returning to the Club. It is a state advisory, but it will be a Club requirement. In lieu of quarantining, these skaters and coaches would have the option of obtaining a PCR test to demonstrate they are not infected. More details will be available when the actual time comes to re-open.

Instagram Live Archives
I continue to really enjoy Jimmy Morgan’s Instagram Live interviews. Every week, I am learning so much about different Club members from Jimmy’s fun and kickback conversations. Last week’s interview with Cate Fleming and Jedidiah Isbell has been posted on the Club website and can be seen along with the interviews of Jimmy’s previous guests. Cate and Dia were great! It was nice to hear their excitement about the Club’s new facility, and what it will mean for their own personal training. For me personally, Cate and Dia are the perfect reminder of why we are going to such great lengths to build the new facility. Jimmy’s guest tomorrow will be the Club’s 2020 U.S. Championships Junior Ladies competitor, Hazel Collier. The Club’s Instagram Live segment is each Saturday at 1:00 pm on the Club’s Instagram page. If you miss it, the interviews are posted shortly afterwards on the Club’s website under the About, and then the News & Media links.

Club Awards
Next Friday, May 29th at 7:00 pm, the Club will be hosting its annual awards ceremony in a new virtual format. Everyone should have received the email invitation yesterday, including the registration link. You need to register to participate, so please don’t forget. You can register here if you missed the email. I saw the planned opening, and I must admit, I was very impressed. Tim LeBlanc is bringing a splash of Hollywood to the Club, and it promises to be both stylish and fun. (I am now wondering if host Jimmy Morgan will open the evening with a top hat, cane and an original song and dance number.) Plus, Katharine and her team have lined up some amazing guest presenters. Please join in! Grab a snack, a beverage of choice and share in the many achievements of particular note in our community this year.

Rolling Stones
This week’s special note doesn’t reference the rolling stones that gather no moss. Rather, I am thinking about the Rolling Stones who sang that we can’t always get what we want. And the more relevant refrain that if we try sometimes, we just might get what we need. It reminds me of the restrictions that we need to impose to open the Club in a safer manner. More restrictions are the last thing that any of us want. We are all likely exhausted by them everywhere we look. But truly, they are what we need. We have the responsibility to re-open the Club as soon as possible so that our members can get back on the ice and skate. We also have the responsibility to keep our membership as safe as possible. Those are dueling objections with a small common area. The guidelines we have established represent that small common area.

Stay safe and sane inside insanity everyone. And remember. We might not always get what we want. But if we try, we might just get what we need.


Doug Zeghibe
Executive Director