Club Update: May 29, 2020

Dear Member,

This is your Captain’s log update for May 29, 2020. Reporting from the (remote) bridge of The Skating Club of Boston. June is soon here, and it HAS to be the month that we re-open the Club. Because there must be a pony somewhere, right?

Club Awards
The Club Awards show is tonight! I am excited for it. I get to come to my first Club awards show in a dress shirt and bathing suit, and no one will be the wiser. I also think it’s a great tradition for the Club, and one I remember so well from when I grew up at 1240 Soldiers Field Road. I still have the (few!) awards and pins that I won while a young member. But I also remember how much fun it was to celebrate with my friends and for our friends who won. We have over 160 members registered, and with multiple viewers for each registration. Tonight promises to be a new way to celebrate a long-standing tradition. My heartfelt thanks to Tim, Katharine and Jack for planning the event, and for our special guest presenters from the Club and around the country for participating. It’s nice to see that I am not the only one who still holds this occasion in high regard.

Annual Meeting
As many of you likely know, the Club is required to have an annual meeting for the benefit of its members. It’s an opportunity for some of us to review the Club’s performance over the past year, and to also highlight what to look forward to for the coming year. With the ongoing pandemic and development of the Club’s new facility, there has never been a more exciting or challenging time to plan for the Club’s future. We will share all that we know, and what we know we don’t yet know. ( Almost always just as important.) While this year’s election for officers and directors is uncontested, the Club will still report on the voting results to update the Club’s bylaws. We will also require a quorum to vote on last year’s meeting minutes and other regular business of the corporation. This year’s meeting will be a virtual meeting, most likely on Zoom, and it has been rescheduled for Friday evening, June 12th. Members will be receiving an official notice confirming the date, time and how to register in next week’s email. Please hold the date.

Re-Opening Guidelines
Thanks to everyone who has read the Club’s draft guidelines and supplied us with feedback. It’s really helpful to know how well-received the Club’s plans have been, and that so many members are vested in their return to the ice. Thank you for your ideas too. One concern shared by many was regarding our members and coaches whose primary residence is just over the state border, and who regularly commute to the Club. Is there a way for the Club to allow a return for its members who live in a state following similar guidelines as Massachusetts, and who have been following all the same guidelines for social distancing and sheltering at home with a close circle of known individuals? I think so. Another member asked if 14 days’ history of readouts from a digital thermometer could suffice in lieu of a PCR test. After consulting with medical professionals, we believe we can refine our restrictions to allow for some added flexibility while still maintaining a similar level of preparedness and safety. Please look for the specific updates in next week’s refreshed guidelines.

Digital Thermometers
If you will be returning to the Club from out of state, please consider obtaining a digital thermometer that has the accompanying tracking app for your phone. Kinsa is one brand that offers this feature. If you can provide 14 consecutive days of non-fever readings, it will suffice that you are sufficiently safe to return to the Club. We recognize that this is not a fail-safe screening. But as previously mentioned, without immediate PCR testing, no screening process can be 100% safe. Still, we believe this is an added element of safety to accommodate members returning to skate from other states. And especially from those states with more lax social distancing or mask requirements.

Instagram Live Archives
Jimmy Morgan’s stature as a fantastic interviewer only grows. I continue to really enjoy his fun and kickback conversations with so many different members. Last week’s interview with Hazel Collier has been posted on the Club website and can be seen along with the interviews with Jimmy’s previous guests. Thank you Hazel, for sharing your appreciation for the Club’s community. And for sharing your overnight journey from a national intermediate competitor to a national junior lady. Wow! So fierce. And your good humor is infectious! Jimmy will be taking a break from tomorrow’s Instagram Live after tonight’s Awards show festivities (and likely after-parties). Jimmy’s guest for Saturday, June 6th will be Club coach and recent winner of the PSA’s Pieter Kollen Sports Science Award, Garret Lucash. The Club’s Instagram Live segment is (almost) every Saturday at 1:00 pm on the Club’s Instagram page. If you miss it, the interviews are posted shortly afterwards on the Club’s website under the About, and then the News & Media links.

Gratitude Redux
Two months ago, I shared my thoughts about all that we had for which to be grateful. I want to return to gratitude, because it’s such an important feeling to our well-being, but also because of its motivational power. I am feeling tremendous gratitude to all of our skaters who are anxious to return to the ice, and to take their skating to the next level in our new facility. Thank you, Hazel. Thank you, Cate and Dia. Thank you Marissa, Simon, Elin and Max. Your Instagram Live Interviews have broadcasted your personal journeys and genuine love for skating. Thanks to everyone who is excited to return to the ice, even if you haven’t yet chatted with Jimmy. I find your passion very motivating for someone like myself who works in the sport. I may be more fortunate than most because I work in skating out of a love for the sport. It has always been a choice. And for the past 10 years, it has been a choice to be at the Club to help build a new facility and legacy for our next generation of skaters. But it could not be gratifying without you. What’s the point in building a race car if it’s never driven on the road? There would be no satisfaction in anything that any one of us in the Club’s leadership is doing in building this new facility if we couldn’t also hand over the keys to our skaters, and to watch what you will do with it. You are the Club’s next generation of excellence, and we are all very grateful for your inspiration.

Stay safe and sane inside insanity everyone. And remember to skate safe too! After all, having the keys is a big responsibility.


Doug Zeghibe
Executive Director