Club Update: October 16, 2020

Dear Member,

This is your Captain’s log update for October 16, 2020, reporting from the recently-sanitized bridge of the Club at 750 University Avenue. This was a pretty good week for the Club in our ongoing match-up with the COVID-19 virus. We have had no additional positive cases reported this week, including no cases associated with the individuals who had tested positive in and around the Club two weeks ago. This is not a scientific conclusion, of course. But I certainly believe that all of the (below) important reminders appear to actually work in limiting, if not stopping, the transmission of the virus. This is a one day at a time ordeal. In fact, this is going to be a one-day, one-week, one-month at a time slog until we are through this pandemic. Thank you to the many members who wrote expressing their thanks for the updated plan and the Club’s efforts to keep the membership safe and the facility open as a welcome respite from the intensity all around us. We are doing our best.

COVID-19 Update
New COVID-19 Safety Officer
Cheri Rigby, RN, has been pretty busy answering questions, offering advice and making recommendations for the facility and our skaters this past week. She also reported after one week that she is loving her job with the Club. (No. I am not scratching my head at that.) I am just very pleased that we chose our new COVID-19 Safety Officer so well. If you didn’t already catch it, Cheri can be reached at

Club Procedures for Community Members Testing Positive
These procedures have now been clearly laid out in the October 14, 2020 document we released earlier this week and posted on the Club website. If you have not yet read it, please take a few minutes and review it here. We are preparing much shorter single-page fast fact sheets to distribute around the Club facility. (Even I have a hard time reading everything I write.) But please still read the primary document if you have not yet had the opportunity. It clearly lays out the Club’s approach moving forward through these more challenging months.

Our next immediate task to support our goal of zero transmission within the facility is to communicate, communicate and communicate some more. We need every skater and every member to be fully on board with these important and very immediate reminders. I know that most, if not all of our skaters, are too busy skating, studying, making TikToks and posting on social media than to read these emails. So it is up to every member to share these very important details with their skaters. My own messaging at the Club today has been focused on the personal relevance of social distancing. e.g. If that skater you were just in close contact with for 10 minutes were to test positive, you will be off the ice and getting tested yourself. And nervously waiting for the results. I know I have nervously waited for test results when I have gotten tested. It’s a little scary. But it’s also the reality of all of this. I think we are actually doing a great job right now. But improving our social distancing discipline is our next, and hopefully final, Covid mountain to climb.

Immediate Reminders

  • Wear a mask
  • Wear your mask properly
  • Self-monitor for symptoms, and do not be in denial if you feel any symptoms
  • If you do feel symptomatic, respect yourself and everyone around you and immediately quarantine out of an abundance of caution
  • Consult your medical provider, and/or get immediately tested
  • Rapid tests are worthwhile for the immediate information they provide
  • If you are symptomatic and get a negative rapid result test, get a PCR test
  • If you do test positive, please contact Cheri Rigby immediately as part of your recovery protocol. Cheri can be reached at
  • The Club will proceed into action from there.

Volunteer for the 2021 U.S. Figure Skating Championship Series
Registration is now open for Club members interested in volunteering at the 2021 U.S. Figure Skating Championship Series presented by Toyota. That’s quite a mouthful, so feel free to call it the Championships Series, the PBT, or the PBJ if you are hungry. We use all three references in the office. If you haven’t been paying close attention, this event has been created as a result of the pandemic and (hopefully) for this season only. It is temporarily replacing both the regional and sectional qualify competitions, and is open to skaters from around the country. There are eight (8) of these events happening across the country and they will determine the qualifying skaters for the U.S. Championships in January. It’s kind of a big deal actually. It is also being conducted under very strict safety protocols for locals and visitors alike. Club members have the opportunity to register to volunteer before any other local U.S. Figure Skating member. Because of state travel restrictions and our relatively better infection rates, we are looking to keep the entire volunteer team local and from Massachusetts. Advance registration for Club members will be for one week only, before registration is opened up to other U.S. Figure Skating members in Massachusetts. Club members can also enjoy priority assignments if they register over the next week. Club coaches will be volunteering as well! This may be one of the few opportunities this season for the Club membership to come together and share in a high-profile event, and show the rest of the country how these events are done best. It’s also a great opportunity to spend some time inside your Club and see some of the country’s best skaters compete. Do you enjoy pair skating? 40 teams from around the country will be competing. I personally can’t wait. Register here.

New Notes on Norwood
The Marilyn P. Kasputys Branch of The Micheli Center for Sports Injury Prevention has now opened at the Club. Group classes will begin on Monday, October 19th. Much like our ice sessions, it has also opened during a pandemic and will be operating under reduced-capacity standards. (No one should actually be surprised by that. Unfortunately.) If all goes well, capacity restrictions might be eased going forward. But it is very important to first establish a threshold of safety in the new space. To start, priority will be given to group classes before opening the space up to folks who pre-register for slots for open training sessions of 45 minutes maximum. Click here to see the group classes being offered for the month of October. The schedule also includes pricing for the classes. Payments for classes or for private trainers are made directly with The Micheli Center.

Please note:
  • Members must sign both a participation agreement and physical activity readiness questionnaire with The Micheli Center before using The Micheli Center’s gym and services.
  • Members will be safety screened by The Micheli Center staff before using the space.
  • Any and all use of The Micheli Center (including sole use of equipment) must be scheduled in advance by calling 781-216-0070. Use may be restricted at times due to COVID-19 regulations.
  • Use of the gym space without a trainer is prohibited for anyone under the age of 16. All 16- and 17-year olds must schedule a complimentary equipment walkthrough (30 minutes) before their first use of the space.
  • Gym membership use is restricted to 45 minutes.
  • To book classes or make inquiries, please call The Micheli Center directly at 781-216-0700, or email them at

As a reminder, all Club members wishing to use the strength-training space for group classes, private training sessions or open training, must first register with the Club office. The $20/month/person fee to the Club also includes access to the dance studio. Aside from scheduled dance classes, the dance studio space may also be reserved by coaches for private work with their students. Please inquire at the Club office for more information.

Old Notes on Norwood
No U-Turns Please!
As a reminder, the front-drive is pretty wide. But it was not designed for u-turns. This really is an immediate safety issue. Please drive past the building and drive around in the parking lot to come back out and across the front. You can use the east exit a tiny bit longer, but soon we will need to close and lock the gate that was just recently installed. (As a courtesy to our neighbor at 720 University Avenue, it will only be opened as an egress during special events when our parking lots are crowded.) I know we are all from the Boston area and can navigate our vehicles through almost any situation. But there is no need to prove that here. Turning around on an active drive with cars coming across, backing in and out of spaces and pedestrians crossing at all angles is just not smart or safe. Especially when other cars are attempting the same maneuver. The very best car or pedestrian accidents are the ones that are avoided. Please don’t make us spend money to paint double yellow lines down the center of the drive. Or worse yet, make it one way. I am getting lots and lots of requests for that. Although the bright side to making the drive one way is that everyone will then get to see the back of the building too.

And the Beat Goes On
Activity on the campaign goes on. We now have 416 seats donated in our push to secure member donations for 500 seats. Thank you to everyone who has already participated to get us this far. For those of you wanting to donate but might still be deciding when, know that individual donations of $1,000 for a single seat can be paid for over the next 12 months. Donations of three seats or more can be paid over as many as 5 years. Any time you might like to donate is good, but now is always better. If you are ready, please contact Ben Anderson at Or you can donate directly at We are doing really well with this! But we are not there yet.


Doug Zeghibe
Executive Director