Latin Dance 

We will look into the base of Latin movement and utilize the variety of musical rhythms such as salsa and rumba.  A major piece of this class will highlight your own understanding of these styles of Latin dance and push to grow a more personal connection with your dance body individually. Your Latin mechanics will build balance, power, turn-ability, timing and creativity that you are empowered with and allows for even better cooperation in building partner based movements.

*All ages are welcome with open and attentive attitudes. Participating with a designated partner is not a requirement for attending this class. We will have many non partnered sections within each class where the use of patterns and choreography will help explore the class topic(s).  We will use safe methods when we would like to practice partner-based movement.

Partnered Dance 

Partner based dancing builds on your personal movement and opens artistic expression through direct communication with another individual.  Hearing an entirely different set of ideas and skills will bring forward our ability to create signals, momentum, counterbalance and team dynamics.  We will practice more effective techniques for finding comfort and control with basic partner connections, hand & body hold and lead-follow interplay. Connected partner work brings you the opportunity for advancing your skill both choreographed and improvisational/social.

*This class will be more focused on partner/group work so it is recommended that you be open to safe methods for practicing with another dancer(s) and or have a designated partner you would like to practice with throughout each class.  All ages are welcome with an open and attentive attitude. The class material will build from week to week but certain efforts are worked in to allow any dancer to build comfort walking into or missing a class within a cycle.

Contemporary Jazz 

Contemporary Jazz combines Modern techniques in a variety of movement vocabularies. This class features a dynamic warm-up in centre of isolations, pliés, contractions, and total body stretches in preparation for turns, leaps, and across-the-floor combinations, and choreography. Students learn periodized and contemporary movement vocabulary which incorporate qualities from Ballet, Modern,  Broadway Jazz, and Hip Hop techniques to capture expressive movement. The class begins with a  warm-up in centre followed by choreographic combinations that feature lyricism, syncopation, and freedom of movement.

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