Hip Hop and Jazz

Commercial Hip Hop

This class will dive into the L.A. style of commercial dance. Inspired by dance styles seen in music videos from popular artists like Usher, Beyoncé, and Busta Rhymes, this class will challenge students with new and relevant movement styles!

Intro to Breaking 

Breaking, also called b-boying/b-girling, is an athletic style of street dance. This class will introduce the four main types of movement in this diverse style including toprock, downrock, power moves and freezes.

Contemporary Jazz 

Contemporary Jazz combines Modern techniques in a variety of movement vocabularies. This class features a dynamic warm-up in centre of isolations, pliés, contractions, and total body stretches in preparation for turns, leaps, and across-the-floor combinations, and choreography. Students learn periodized and contemporary movement vocabulary which incorporate qualities from Ballet, Modern, Lyrical, Jazz, and Hip Hop techniques to capture expressive movement. The class begins with a warm-up in centre followed by across-the-floor and choreographic combinations that feature lyricism, syncopation, and freedom of movement.

Street Jazz 

This femme-based dance class is specifically designed to empower the mid- to late-teen athlete by exploring feminine movement and dance styles such as vogueing and waacking. The style combines rigid, robotic movements with the fluidity of hip hop, while encouraging interaction, improvisation and expressiveness.

To register for classes, please contact the Club office at (617) 782-5900.
Online registration for off-ice classes will be made available during the month of February.

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