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Richard T. Button Trophy Room

As a two-time Olympic champion, five-time World champion, three-time North American champion and seven-time U.S. champion, Richard (Dick) Button has set a standard for the sport of figure skating that few will ever come close to meeting. Apart from his success on the podium, his innovation on the ice was something to behold. Dick was the first skater to land a double Axel; the first skater to land a triple jump; the first male skater to perform the camel spin, and he is the inventor of the flying camel spin. In addition, Dick Button didn’t just add to the history of American figure skating, he helped create it. Dick was the first American to win an Olympic gold medal in figure skating; the first American to win a World Championship (1948); the only American to win a European Championship (1948), and he is the only male skater to simultaneously hold the Olympic, World, North American, European and National Championship titles.

To that end, it is with great pride that The Skating Club of Boston is establishing the Richard T. Button Trophy Room to honor one of the greatest athletes in the history of the Club and the sport of figure skating. The Richard T. Button Trophy Room will honor, celebrate and perpetuate Dick Button’s legacy, a career that exemplifies the personal strengths and qualities that are fundamental to almost every champion and lead to longstanding success: passion, discipline, integrity, and joy in the process.

For any questions regarding the Richard T. Button Trophy Room campaign, please contact the Club’s Executive Director, Doug Zeghibe, at

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