HP1240: Program Details and Requirements

The following requirements apply to all athletes of HP1240:

  • Monthly program fee of $25 per month charged to the Club account
  • Attendance at 5 of 6 required enrichment seminars to be hosted by the Club
  • Annual goal setting meeting with primary Club coach

The monthly program fee of $25 will be waived for Tier A (see below) in the novice, junior, and senior levels, who medal at the U.S. Championships or the U.S. Synchronized Skating Championships. The fee waiver will begin with the month following the U.S. Championships event, and continue through the end of the month preceding the month of next year’s event.

Athletes of HP1240 will fall into one of the below categories of classification, and be required to participate in:

For multi-discipline skaters, you must follow the guidelines for your highest competitive free skate level. E.g. A skater that is both intermediate pairs and junior ladies must abide by the Tier A/junior requirements.

HP1240 Commitment and Accountability
Commitment and accountability are important aspects of the HP1240 program, both for the program’s athletes to get the most benefit, and to also preserve the integrity of the program’s meaning and importance for all skaters. As such, an athlete’s performance will be tracked each week for their commitment in meeting the on-ice and off-ice requirements as well as attending the bi-monthly program seminars. Athletes will be notified if they are not meeting the program requirements. For those regularly falling short of the minimum requirements, they will be given the opportunity to recommit to the program before being required to withdraw.

Proof of Participation
For athletes choosing to fulfill part of their on-ice and other program requirements outside of 1240 Soldiers Field Road, an HP1240 Proof of Performance card must be completed and returned to the Club Office, demonstrating fulfillment of the requirement. These cards may be picked up from the Club Office, and must be completed and submitted weekly back to the Club Office for the specified activities. Proof of participation cards must include an authorized signature. Please be sure to note for each specified Tier in the program, the number of on-ice sessions a skater is allowed outside of Club programming.

Complimentary HP1240 jackets are available for registered participants, but on the condition that the participant remains in the program for at least one year. Athletes who withdraw from the program during their first full year will have their Club account charged $200 for the cost of the jacket.

For skaters in the high performance program who became injured during the season, they will be expected to procure a note from their primary coach detailing the basic nature of the injury and expected time away from their training. They will also need to provide status reports during their recovery period, and a final return-to-play form signed by their doctor. A written request must be submitted to the Club Office requesting suspension of monthly billing for the program due to injury. Billing for the HP1240 program (only) will be suspended beginning the following month, and until the skater notifies the program director and Club Office they have returned to the ice.

Testing During the Season
If a skater tests to a higher level during the season, they are encouraged to also increase their commitment to the appropriate level in HP1240. But it is not a requirement of the program. Skaters may continue in the same HP1240 tier through the end of the season on June 30. Their enrollment for the following season will be at the new HP1240 tier.

Leaving HP1240
For enrolled athletes choosing to leave the HP1240 program, please notify in writing the program director, Simon Shnapir, and the Club Office. Billing will be terminated for the next month following written notice of withdrawal from the program. No refunds for a partial month of participation will be given. As previously noted, for athletes leaving the program before a full year of participation, a charge of $200 will be imposed for the cost of the HP1240 jacket.