HP1240: The High Performance Program

HP1240 Main Visual ContentHP1240, the Club’s High Performance Program, is committed to one goal: helping competitive athletes find their peak performance. Open to every Club member with skating privileges at the Boston location, HP1240 is designed to enhance the Club’s current training environment for competitive skaters of every level and discipline.

For the purposes of this program, high performance is defined by a skater’s attitude and approach; not their test level, discipline of choice, or placement in competition. Furthermore, the attitude and approach mindset entails that a competitive athlete is committed to utilizing the resources and capabilities of the HP1240 program to find their peak performance and maximize their competitive potential.

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Benefits of the HP1240 program: 

HP1240 Program BenefitsPrioritization for Contract Ice
Athletes enrolled in HP1240 have the benefit of gaining prioritization for contract ice at the Boston location. This benefit allows HP1240 athletes to contract sessions of their choosing so that their training schedules can easily coincide with their personal agendas. The Club’s fall ice schedule, which runs from the end of August until the end of June, has specifically designated high performance sessions where all skaters have to adhere to the HP1240 rules, which can be found under Ice Rule 18 under the Club Rules.

HP1240 Seminars and Additional Club Seminars 
HP1240 athletes are able to attend HP1240 seminars for free of charge. These seminars are designed to enhance the program’s current training methods and reinforce the program’s mission to provide its athletes the instruction and resources necessary to achieve a state of peak performance. Past seminars include Train Your Brain with Kelsey Griffith, Nutrition with Laura Moretti, Injury Prevention with Ellen Geminiani, Annie’s Edges, Grassroots to Champions, and Open Underground with Adam Blake. In addition, HP1240 athletes have the benefit of attending additional Club seminars (if offered) at special rates discounted further from the Club member and non-member rates.

The spinner at The Skating Club of Boston is just one of many examples of how the Club and HP1240 are dedicated to utilizing the latest technology and resources to help its athletes achieve their peak performance. Originally designed in Russia, the spinner helps a competitive skater perfect their balance and technique when practicing jumps and spins. HP1240 athletes have the benefit of utilizing the spinner for free of charge, however, coaching fees will still apply.

Parents Off-Ice Seminar
Parents of an HP1240 athlete have the responsibility of supporting their skater’s training regimen. HP1240 provides its athletes’ parents with seminars where instruction is provided on how to best support their athlete’s training. These seminars go into detail on various topics ranging from how a program athlete should be maintaining their bodies outside of their training regimens to how a parent can support injury prevention and rehabilitation plans.

Team Building Event
One of the goals of the HP1240 program is to create a community of like-minded skaters to train as a team. The HP1240 Team Building Event helps foster this community aspect of the program by providing activities and discussions that bring HP1240 athletes together and create a mutual understanding of respect and sportsmanship throughout the program. Past team building events have included rock climbing and most recently practicing circus skills and arts at Esh Circus Arts in Somerville.

Evaluation at The Micheli Center for Sports Injury Prevention
The Micheli Center for Sports Injury Prevention is a collaboration of clinicians, scientists, activists, and technologists that conduct world-class medical research focused on the prevention of sports injuries and the effects of exercise on health and wellness. All HP1240 athletes are offered a complimentary evaluation at The Micheli Center upon joining the program to address any inquiries or concerns regarding their risk for injury. Athletes are encouraged to routinely visit The Micheli Center throughout the competitive season to help minimize their risk for injury.

HP1240 Jacket and Water Bottle
Athletes that choose to enroll in HP1240 demonstrate a commitment to strive for excellence and find their peak performance by becoming the very best competitive version of themselves. As a result, the HP1240 program believes its athletes should be acknowledged for this commitment and offers complimentary jackets and water bottles to its athletes on the condition that the participant will remain in the program for a least one year and fulfill the program’s requirements.