iPad Music Files Notice

To make way for this season’s new music, the Club will be deleting all the music from the Files App on the iPads this Sunday evening, March 13th. All new music will be put in the Files App under your Coach’s folder. If your coach has uploaded your music, you can:

  • Search in the Files App for your music
  • Find your coach’s folder in the Files app and find your music

If your music has not been uploaded, you can:

    • AirDrop your music into the Files app in your coaches folder
    • Email your music to music@scboston.org

How to label your music:
For each music file, rename the file in accordance to the naming conventions below.

  • SINGLES: First Name, Last Name, Level, Type of Program, Season years, Version
  • TEAMS: First Name & First Name, Level, Type of Program, Season years, Version

Please use the correct abbreviations for Level, Program Type, Season years, and versions. Levels should be abbreviated as Pre-Pre, Pre, Pre-Juv, Juv, Int, Nov, Jr, Sr, Adult. Use the correct capital letters to abbreviate the program type:

  • Short: SP
  • Freeskate: FS (Use this for Pre-Pre through Pre-Juv)
  • Show: SH
  • Pattern Dance: Name of Pattern
  • Free Dance: FD
  • Rhythm Dance: RD
  • Showcase: SC
  • Christmas: CH

Season years should be abbreviated with the last two digits of the year. Version should be abbreviated with a “V” and the version of the song if you are working with multiple versions. This part of the naming convention is *optional*.


  • Katharine Steeger Nov FS 21-22 V1
  • Katharine & Adam Sr SP 21-22