Dear Member,

It is with a heavy heart that I am writing to inform you that the Club’s Chairman, Joe Blount, passed away early last evening; on his own terms, at home and surrounded by his family. It is a deeply sad time for Joe’s family, and for so many of us in the skating community who Joe led, and who we, in turn, called a good friend.

For the Club’s newest members who may not have had the good fortune to meet Joe, he was a man of purpose, honesty, sincere kindness, good humor, unfailing integrity and steadfast vision. Joe did not mince words, and always spoke his truth, even at times when he chose to be silent. Even then, Joe’s facial expressions conveyed his message instead. You always knew where you stood with Joe.

As Club President for 21 years, and then Club Chairman this past year, Joe carried forward with unfailing dedication the dream of a new home for The Skating Club of Boston. One of the longest-serving Presidents in the Club’s history, Joe led the Club from its storied past as a primarily, volunteer-run organization to one led by professional management. Members came and went and the Club Board turned over many times. Through it all, Joe remained the one constant who held the vision and drove forward the dream during his time in office. Under his leadership, the Club not only re-organized, it also emerged from the twentieth century as an organization positioned for preeminence on the world stage. He was the detailed, resolute champion the Club needed to both initiate and sustain progress, despite the inevitable roadblocks. Joe’s focus on what mattered most – the best possible experience for the skater – strengthened an already unfailing resolve to persevere. There is no greater testimony to Joe’s importance to The Skating Club of Boston than the facility which we all now enjoy. It reflects the selfless, hard work and undaunted optimism of a true leader.

On a more personal note, Joe was a close friend and mentor of over 20 years. I moved to Boston to take this job at the Club because Joe asked me to help him fulfill this grand vision. I am not sure I would have trusted anyone else in considering such a momentous, personal decision. Being part of this incredible legacy is nothing I ever anticipated, but something I will always cherish. In the same way that I will cherish Joe for his friendship, his support and always, always reminding me that what we do is all about the skaters. Nothing more. And nothing less.

The Club will be hosting a celebration of Joe’s life on Friday, June 3, 2022. More details will follow, as will a more immediate link with details on Joe’s family’s planned services. The family has also asked that members interested in acknowledging Joe, do so with a donation to the Club’s capital campaign in support of one of Joe’s proudest accomplishments – quite literally, “the house that Joe built.” To make a donation in memory of Joe, please click here.


Doug Zeghibe
Executive Director