Mary Walek

Professional Profile:
Yoga came into Mary’s life at a time when she was feeling stuck in both her body and her mind. She was living with a chronic illness that limited her ability to exercise. She attended her first yoga class over nine years ago and immediately felt upliftment and fulfillment in a way that she had never felt before. Over the past nine years of personal practice and self-study, Mary has learned that yoga is forgiving of our limitations, it doesn’t judge. It adapts, it restores, it gives us strength. Her hope is to guide her students to share in the joy and peace that she feels when she practices on her mat.

Mary Walek is a 500 CYT with certifications in meditation, prenatal yoga, hands-on assisting, reiki, as well as kids/tween/teen yoga. She is currently the Assistant Manager and an instructor at Universal Power Yoga in Norwood. Mary brings a playful, nurturing and uplifting spirit to her classes while making the practice accessible to all levels of experience. She encourages her students to mindfully explore what yoga is beyond their mats, creating an opportunity for them to be refreshed, free of stress and open to new possibilities.