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Club News

  • COVID-19 Update and Advisory
    COVID-19 Update and Advisory
    Dear Member, If you have been watching or reading the local, national and international news, you will know that cases of COVID-19 hospitalizations and deaths are once again on the dramatic rise. This is being ascribed to the multiple, new and more contagious variations of the now dominant Omicron variant....
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  • Membership Guide to the 2022 Theatre On Ice Spring Challenge Cup
    Membership Guide to the 2022 Theatre On Ice Spring Challenge Cup
    Membership Guide to the 2022 Theatre On Ice Spring Challenge Cup The 2022 Theatre On Ice Spring Challenge Cup is being held at The Skating Club of Boston next week! Please take a few minutes to read the important notices below that detail volunteer opportunities, the Club’s ice schedules for...
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  • Individual Responsibility
    Individual Responsibility
    Dear Member, With the CDC announcement on Friday relaxing their recommendations for wearing masks indoors, the Club has made its own decision to follow suit at this time. Beginning tomorrow, Monday February 28th, masks will now be optional for everyone while inside the Club’s facility. Masks are inconvenient and uncomfortable....
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  • Updated COVID-19 Protocols
    Updated COVID-19 Protocols
    Dear Member, After consulting with the Club’s COVID-19 Safety Officer, Cheri Rigby, and other professionals, the Club is dialing back some of its COVID-19 Safety Protocols. We believe that the high vaccination rates among our members, relaxation of government requirements for contact tracing, and the near-universal and consistent compliance amongst...
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  • COVID-19 Notice: January 21, 2022
    COVID-19 Notice: January 21, 2022
    Dear Member, With COVID-19 still very much a factor in all our daily lives, I thought it worthwhile to write with a reminder of our current safety policies at the Club. As always, we are each our own best defense against getting infected and stopping the spread of infection to...
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