Mile-a-Minute Volunteer Registration

The Club owns quite a bit of acreage behind its facility, all of which used to be part of the Lost Brook Golf course. Some of it is wetland, some of it is old fairways, and some of it is beautiful and verdant woods populated by deer, fox, and other woodland creatures. Long term, the Club’s plan is to introduce walking trails for the enjoyment of Club members, and to also link the back of the property with other property owned or managed by the Town’s Conservation Commission to create a contiguous walking path along Purgatory Brook, (a contributory to the Neponset River) which trickles along the back edge of the Club’s property.

In the very immediate short term, the Norwood Conservation Commission has asked the Club’s help to work with them to clear an incredibly invasive vine from the area, commonly referred to as a Mile-a-Minute. As the name suggests, it grows incredibly fast, but it is also not native to the area and is incredibly destructive to other plants. (You can read more about this species here.)

To be successful in controlling this out-of-control plant, the Conservation Commission and the Club need to work together. Will you join us?

On Saturday 6/5, from noon to 3:00 pm, the Conservation Commission and the Club are coming together with as many volunteers as possible to walk the property and pull the vine out of the ground. We are going to meet towards the rear of the building in the east parking lot.

We recommend wearing long pants, a long-sleeve shirt, a hat and boots or waterproof shoes. We also recommend you bring gardening gloves, sunscreen and a water bottle. Bug spray may come in handy too.

We hope to see many of you there!