The Missing Link

Dear Member,

The Club has been exploring what additional opportunities it could help make available to our members that might not already be addressed, and could add to the parent, skater and coach experience. After meeting with Katharine Steeger, Becky Stump and many of the Club’s coaches, we believe that adding the option of mental skills training for our members, and especially our skaters who compete in every discipline and at every level of the sport, would be most welcome. We believe this is the missing link for our skaters to be the best they can be when it counts the most. Just ask Nathan Chen about what made the difference for him between his personal disappointment at the 2018 Olympics and his personal-best performance this past February in Beijing. It was his adoption of mental skills training so that he could be as good in competition as he was in practice at his home rink every day. Whether it is an aspiring Olympian, or a skater aspiring to skate their personal best, mental skills training is one more learned skill set you can bring to the ice to be the best you can be.

We have engaged the services of Dr. Lauren McHenry, a former skater and a practicing sports psychologist practitioner, to conduct a survey of our members to explore what sort of customized program would be of most interest at the Club. Dr. McHenry works closely with Dr. Silby at U.S. Figure Skating, who in turn works with many of the country’s top athletes.

I encourage every coach, parent, and member 18 years or older to meet Dr. McHenry in her brief introductory video, and to learn more about the survey. Click here to learn more about the survey and give your input! Dr. McHenry is experienced, knowledgeable, dynamic and very accessible. Importantly, the more members who participate in the survey, the better-designed program we can offer our members. And ultimately, the better experience our members will have with the sport!


Doug Zeghibe
Executive Director