Norwood Ice Schedule

The long-awaited ice schedule for the Club’s new facility at 750 University Avenue is now available for review. With three sheets of ice, the new facility will have a total of five ice schedules to start: West Rink; East Rink Fall; East Rink Winter; Performance Center Fall; and Performance Center Winter. The West Rink schedule remains the same through fall and winter. The spring schedule, which includes additional ice after the conclusion of high-school hockey in March, will be released before registration opens for the new season’s ice.

The Club’s “post-hockey” schedule will run from March 7th to June 26th. That schedule will look similar to the September 8th to March 6th schedules, but will include additional ice sessions due to the completion of the Norwood High School hockey season. During the fall and winter seasons on the East Rink, additional weekend times for current programs may also be available once registration opens. We are still working on unlocking that additional ice. Finally, while no major adjustments are planned, there still may be some small tweaks to the schedule between now and when ice registration opens the second week of August.

It is important to note that all sessions planned for the West Rink during the month of September will be held at 1240 Soldiers Field Road. This will allow the Club to offer these sessions while the final elements of the West Rink are completed and made ready for skating.

Please note that while much of the language in these new schedules is similar to the Club’s traditional Fall Ice schedule, there are several new abbreviations and meanings to note. Sessions marked as ‘LMT’ will be open to skaters from No Test to Intermediate. ‘HP’ sessions are currently open for Senior to Intermediate-level skaters who have a double axel (2A). This leveling for HP sessions may be further adjusted depending on how many skaters contract for these sessions.

For any questions regarding the ice schedules or the upcoming contract ice registration, please contact the Club office at (617) 782-5900 or by emailing,