As the figure skating community turns its attention to The World Championships this week, those at The Skating Club of Boston will be paying especially close attention, as our own Ross Miner takes to the ice. Throughout the competition, Ross’s mother, Gloria Miner, will be sending back updates from Moscow, keeping those of us in The Skating Club of Boston community up-to-date on all the action.

Below, please find the first of Gloria’s updates:

Afternoon of April 26, 2011:

To begin, we left Friday on United via Dulles, which can be a confusing airport for connecting. Seems like there is an A B C and D side, BUT they also use letters within each side to designate the gates. We made the 10 hour flight, and Ross lucked out with 3 center seats, so he was able to sleep a good 7 hours. On arrival, we were met and took the 90-minute transfer with the Canadian champion, Patrick Chan, and his mom, Karen, and coach, Christy Krall.

From there, we stayed up all day and walked to the rink from the hotel. We got lost on the way and wandered by an Easter service at an Orthodox church where the ladies were lined up to get the easter eggs and easter bread blessed by the orthodox priest. Easter is BIG here! The weather has been glorious. After that on Saturday, we were off to bed and up Sunday to greet rest of Team USA arriving later. We had lunch at Aerostar, and were then back to Marriott. Also, wish I had Inna, Simon and Boris Shnapir here because I did not learn enough Russian words! More later!