Mitchell Johansson Method

Ross Miner with Mark Mitchen and Peter Johannson at the US Figure Skating ChampionshipsThe Skating Club of Boston is proud to be affiliated with the Mitchell Johansson Method elite training program. Long-time staff professionals at The Skating Club of Boston, Mark Mitchell and Peter Johansson lead a unique training program in Revere, MA. The mission of the program is to provide skaters with an integrated approach to their training that maximizes their individual performance ability.

Mitchell Johansson Method logoThrough a completely interactive approach, Mark and Peter provide students in the program with individually designed, comprehensive, all-inclusive training plans. These include focus on technique, choreography, performance, presentation, off-ice conditioning and academics. The program strives to create a positive training environment with healthy, well-trained and excited athletes, ready to achieve their skating goals.

More information on the program may be found at, including contact information for Mark and Peter.

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