Sean Marshinski

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As a coach I seek to support the autonomy of my students. I encourage athletes to take responsibility for their own learning, display self-discipline, commitment and resilience, and seek support when necessary. In this style of coaching, students are given tools to self-regulate, which will serve them well in skating as well as outside life experiences such as school and work. We are all people first and skaters second.

As a skater, I had the unique opportunity to train under some of the best coaches in the U.S. Now, as a coach, I am thankful for this experience, but also understand that it’s not sufficient to become a great coach. In the same way I encourage consistent development from my students, I hold myself to those same expectations. I strive to consistently develop myself by remaining active on the ice through partnering and learning from coaches both in Boston and across the U.S., and exploring fields like sport science that are too often ignored by our sport. I am also actively pursuing formal education through PSA and other avenues.

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Coaching Philosophy:
My coaching philosophy is centered on maximizing each student’s long-term development. Therefore, all other principles stem from that goal. Through the development of strong fundamentals, skaters will be given a foundation for a long and positive experience in skating. My students are urged to view practice as a learning environment where movement exploration is encouraged. Mistakes are viewed as a necessary and expected part of learning and development.

Each and every person comes to skating with individual strengths and weaknesses and should be provided with a training plan that is as individual and unique as they are. This includes a unique combination of on-ice training, and off-ice training. All training activities should be united and work toward the skater’s long-term goals.

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Skating Skills, free skate, Power, Off-Ice Sports Specific Supplementation

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