Member Notice: Emergency Text Alert System

Dear Member,

As part of improving security at the Club, we are instituting an emergency text alert system for immediate communication with members during an emergency. Emergencies could be as simple as a snow emergency requiring the immediate closing of the Club, to a more serious evacuation of the Club due to fire, flooding or physical threats. This text alert system will not be used for anything more mundane such as schedule changes or event advisories. Please continue to rely upon the Club’s weekly planner for these types of regular notices.

We encourage every member to participate in this program. Registration can be done at any time, and you may enroll as many mobile phone numbers as you would like. If you would like to participate in the emergency text alert program, the registration process is very straightforward and is managed through your Club ActiveNet account. Instructions are provided through the button below.

We hope all members will take advantage of this new security feature. Immediate and accurate communication during any sort of emergency best serves both the Club and our membership. If you have any questions, please contact the Associate Club Manager, Brian Podgurski, at


The Skating Club of Boston