The CHIPS Newsletter is Reimagined

The spring edition of the CHIPS newsletter is now available! Starting with this issue, the CHIPS newsletter has been reimagined to include a new and spirited design throughout the entire publication. Apart from its enhanced look and feel, the new design of the Club’s seasonal newsletter also includes information regarding the Club’s latest programs and offerings! This is one of many exciting changes the Club is making as its anticipated move to Norwood draws closer. In this issue, you’ll find:

  • Features on 2020 U.S. junior champion, Maxim Naumov, and four-time U.S. Championships silver medalist, Tina Noyes
  • Stories from Club members working on the front lines of the pandemic
  • Recaps of the 2020 Club Awards and new facility construction
  • A spotlight on the Club’s new management team members
  • And more!