The Kasputys Family Studio

The Kasputys Family Studio at The Skating Club of Boston offers movement classes for all kinds of movers! Whether you are an elite athlete, a recreational skater, or are simply interested in engaging in some healthy exercise, The Kasputys Family Studio has a class for you.

Our instructors are highly-trained professionals whose core values are rooted in body positivity and providing a safe, healthy environment for expression. Each instructor brings a unique skill set to the Club and encourages cross-training for athletes. They also stress the importance of fundamentals to each student.

Health and Safety Notice: Due to COVID-19 health and safety guidelines, class sizes are limited to 20 participants.

Synergy Studios

The Skating Club of Boston is partnering with Synergy Studios to offer additional class offerings for our members. To learn more about Synergy Studios and its classes, please click on the button below or visit

General Information

Schedule Updates

There are currently no schedule updates.

Summer Schedule

Spring Schedule

Agility and Endurance: 

  • Member Pre-Registered: $15.00
  • Member Walk-On: $18.00
  • Non-Member Pre-Registered: $18.00
  • Non-Member Walk-On: $21.00

50-Minute Classes:

  • Member Pre-Registered: $20.00*
  • Member Walk-On: $22.00
  • Non-Member Pre-Registered: $22.00*
  • Non-Member Walk-On: $25.00

70-Minute Classes (Tuesday Hip Hop Master-Class):

  • Member Pre-Registered: $28.00*
  • Member Walk-On: $30.00
  • Non-Member Pre-Registered: $30.00*
  • Non-Member Walk-On: $35.00

Sunday Full Class (2:00 PM – 4:00 PM):

  • Member Pre-Registered: $40.00
  • Member Walk-On: $44.00
  • Non-Member Pre-Registered: $44.00
  • Non-Member Walk-On: $50.00

* Sunday Ballet 2:00 PM – 3:10 PM and Sunday Stretch 3:10 PM – 4:00 PM are available separately at the walk-on rate of the 50 and 70-minute classes noted above. They are not available to contract separately.

Current Classes

Commercial Dance
Limited, two-time, intensive master class with a strong focus on picking up and retaining choreography at a fast pace, performance skills, and overall movement dynamics.

Hip Hop
Class begins with a dynamic warm-up of isolation and the foundations of popping, waving, vogueing, and locking. Combinations include a wide array of hip hop styles, focusing on control, musicality, and expressiveness.

Designed with skaters in mind, ballet curriculum follows the Cecchetti and Vaganova foundations of alignment, physical expression, and promotes maximum fluidity on the ice. Skaters learn correct alignment and body awareness to promote intellectual development, physical development, and injury prevention. All classes start with a complete barre warm-up, followed by across-the-floor and centre work. Upper levels include adagio, petite allegro, and grande allegro combinations. Classes are open to all levels unless otherwise noted.

Ballet II – Point. Flex. Stretch.
This 2-hour class is designed for students with previous ballet experience and focuses on intermediate barre work, center exercises, and across-the-floor combinations and jumps. During the first 70 min of class, students continue to polish learned ballet skills while emphasizing musicality, coordination, and danceability. The final 50 min of the class will focus on passive and active flexibility exercises which will allow athletes to improve movement patterns specific to figure skating. Knowledge of ballet terminology is a must for optimal growth and improvement.

Agility and Endurance
After three minutes of exercise, your body starts utilizing its aerobic metabolism. Skaters need a mix of endurance and power. The training of these systems can contradict each other so specific techniques and timing are used. This class will focus on exercises that stress the development of your cardiovascular system. The outcome is easier breathing throughout your programs while maintaining speed and bursts of power. Sneakers and a yoga mat are required.

Strength class is a blend of pilates- and barre-inspired exercises designed to develop flexibility, strength and coordination. Through exercises and fun activities, attendees will build their repertoire of movement patterns that will serve them in all facets of skating and overall athletic development.

Horton and Limón techniques combine Ballet technique with Modern movement language through extension, contraction, fall & recovery. The class consists of a warm-up in centre through lateral movement, contraction and dynamic stretching. Through the warm-up series, students gain a heightened awareness of body, weight, balance and core strength. Centre-work includes Limón combinations, Horton preludes & combinations and choreographic repertoire. If you have ever seen and admired the Alvin Ailey Dance Theater, you have been watching Horton’s legacy in action. Ailey was a student and company dancer of Lester Horton and Ailey brought the technique to New York and his legendary choreography.

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Dance Instructors

Adam Blake
Brooke Frieling
Anne Goldberg-Baldwin
Kseniya Melyukhina
Andrea Sobieraj