Tom-McGinnis-LeapIt’s with great sadness that we let you know Tom McGinnis passed away early this morning.

Tom has been a long-time staff member here at the Club, easily as early as 1961. There is very little that Tommy did not touch in this sport, in one way or another. As competitor, performer, producer, director, choreographer, publisher, judge (professional skating), rink operator, and of course, a coach at the local, national, world and Olympic level. And as a coach, Tommy taught in all the U.S. Figure Skating disciplines, including group lessons. He was master rated in a total of eight disciplines by the PSA, a member of the PSA Coaches Hall of Fame, and a winner of the PSA’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

Tommy leaves an incredible legacy, and one that I believe will be unmatched for a long time to come, if ever, if only for its sheer breadth of scope. For those of us who knew him, we will miss his wit, cleverness, and indefatigable passion for every aspect of this great sport. Even in his more advanced years, Tommy had a constant supply of ideas for improving the Club, including being a great cheerleader for development of the Club’s new home. He never stopped thinking about skating, and to his last days at 1240 Soldiers Field Road, was still suggesting to me new and different ideas for consideration and creation. He was like no other.

We will notify you of any services or other remembrances held in his memory.


Doug Zeghibe
Executive Director

Originally posted July 24, 2017