Volunteer Recognition for the 2016 Boston Open

Congratulations and thank you to all 2016 Boston Open skaters, coaches, officials, volunteers, and Club management for helping to make the competition a success.

This year’s Boston Open hosted 297 competitors in 37 categories and would not have been possible without the dedication of Club members and volunteers, including:

Kate Burke Christine Burke
Sarah Burke Mandy Curtin
Eric Gagnon Ronellen Gagnon
Tammy Ghanem Habib Ghanem
Cindy Haddad Frank Hennessey
Sophie Iannelli Tanya Iannelli
Cindy Jerrier Lisa Keeley
Victoria Laub Tammy Laub
Chia Lee Ella Liberzon
Catherine Lin Jack Liu
Joanna Liu Jo-Anna Lloyd
Lydia Magill David Magill
Yalin Murdock Emilia Murdock
Caitlyn Perkins Julie Perkins
Rachel Renton Sydney Reynders
Joe Riess Paige Whouley

A special note of thanks to Victoria Laub and Sydney Reynders who worked tirelessly throughout the competition as Runners, Ice Monitors, and at the Registration table.

See you at the 2017 Boston Open!

The Skating Club of Boston
1240 Soldiers Field Road, Boston, MA 02135

The Skating Club of Boston is a founding member of U.S. Figure Skating. For more information about the organization, visit usfigureskating.org