Walter Lang

Walter Lang

Personal Profile:
I skated recreationally until my senior year of high school when I began training competitively. On graduating college, I retired from competitive figure skating relatively early in part because I enjoyed, and wanted to explore, my coaching and the relationships that I was fostering with students on the ice as they learned, employed, and enjoyed strategies and skills that helped them on and off the ice. That desire soon spread to outside the rink. Since 2004, I have taught high school English, and I currently teach 10th, 11th, and 12th grade classes at Norwell High School, a position that gives me tremendous satisfaction.

In the rink, I coach a variety of specialties, but I find the most pleasure in helping skaters work through their pattern dances.

Outside of the rink and school, I enjoy cooking, boating, travel, running, and most importantly, being with my incredible wife and two equally incredible daughters.

Formal Education:
B.A. English – Boston College
M.A.T. English – Brown University

Coaching Philosophy:
I approach my relationships with my students in the classroom much like I do with my students on the ice. My planning and my lessons are built around the concept of planning backwards with a key sense of each particular student’s objectives, and consequently basing daily lessons on a fundamental pedagogy and skill-set acquisition needed towards meeting those goals while keeping in mind the student’s own independent learning styles and needs.

In the same way that I value giving my English students confidence to take informed intellectual risks in the classroom, I believe strongly in the intellectual component of figure skating. My goal is for my skating students to feel confident in the skills that they can employ to problem-solve independently during practice. Particularly with young students, I try to build confidence and self-esteem so that they can leave the rink feeling confident in taking risks, understanding that mistakes are normal and important for growth, and believing in their own abilities to problem-solve in the world outside the rink walls.

Coaching Since:

PSA Ratings:

PSA Rankings:

Students’ Competitive Achievements:
Competitors: Regional, Sectional and National Medalists
Testers: Gold and International Dance, Silver Free Dance, and Senior Moves in the Field

Last 4 Years – Students’ Competitive Achievements:
Competitors: Regional, Sectional and National Medalists
Testers: Gold and International Dances

Disciplines / Specialties:
Ice dance, skating skills, stroking, power, moves in the field, footwork, and choreography

Competitive Background:

Show History:

Coaching Awards, Accomplishments & Seminars:

Skating Awards, & Accomplishments:
Five-time U.S. National Ice Dance Competitor, Novice through Senior
Junior Sectional Champion
Two-time National Medalist – Novice and Junior

Affiliation with U.S. Figure Skating, PSA, ISU:
Member, U.S. Figure Skating
Member, PSA
Former member of U.S. Figure Skating Athletes Advisory Committee