Dr. Tenley E. Albright Academic Center

The Dr. Tenley E. Albright Academic Center has been established as a dedicated student academic center during the weekdays, and as an all-purpose academic and work center for students and adults alike during the evenings and weekends. It will be an established quiet zone during all regular hours of operation and cell phones will not be allowed for conversations.

For homeschooled skaters, the Club will provide an enhanced academic center during hours Monday through Friday, in planned (2) three-hour blocks.  This will allow both morning skaters and mid-day and early afternoon skaters the opportunity to work on their academics under the supervision of a Club-provided academic monitor.  The monitor will not only ensure that all student rules are followed, but they will also be a resource should students have questions and require further direction or guidance with their online studies.

In addition, the Club will have a part-time homeschool consultant on staff to provide added resources for families choosing to homeschool for their children.  These resources include research support for various home school programs, lists of tutors for added student support, recommendations for college counselors, test preparation schools and test centers for the ACT and SAT exams.

The academic center itself has high-speed wireless internet, group and small study tables, comfortable seating, and an abundance of natural light to provide a cheerful and comfortable setting for the important work being accomplished.