Joseph E. Blount Boardroom

As Club president for more than 20 years, Joseph E. Blount carried forward with unfailing dedication the dream of a new home for The Skating Club of Boston. One of the longest-serving presidents in the Club’s history, Joe led the Club from its long history as a primarily, volunteer-run organization to one led by professional management. Under his leadership, the Club not only re-organized, it also emerged from the twentieth century as an organization positioned for preeminence on the world stage. As such, his influence cannot be overstated.

When Joe took the helm of the Club’s Board of Directors in 2000, his Navy training and profession as an architect were well-suited to an organization requiring change for the new century. He was the detailed, resolute champion the Club needed to both initiate and sustain progress, despite the inevitable roadblocks. Blount’s focus on what mattered most – the best possible experience for the skater — strengthened an already unfailing resolve to persevere.

There is no greater testimony to Blount’s importance to The Skating Club of Boston than its new home at 750 University Avenue. It reflects the selfless, hard work and undaunted optimism of a true leader. The Joseph E. Blount Board Room honors those qualities by paying homage to an extraordinary president. This room, in name and in spirit, expresses the Club’s gratitude for this extraordinary legacy.