Meeting Space Rentals

When not in use by the Club, several of the Club’s facilities may be rented out by coaches, members, local businesses, and private parties. Due to scheduled events, some facilities may not be available during periods of the skating season. All spaces are served by the Club’s guest wireless internet service. While the training of its skaters and use by its members remains a primary purpose, please inquire about rental of any of the below rooms at

Thomas J. McGinnis All-Purpose Room

Located in the first-floor main lobby of the facility, this all-purpose room is named after the legendary Club coach. This highly visible space can be reserved throughout the day for coach or volunteer meetings, birthday party rentals, and other small Club gatherings. It comes equipped with a flat-screen television display, moveable conference tables and chairs that can be configured for a number of settings.

East Rink All-Purpose Room

Located in the East Lobby, the East Rink All-Purpose Room can be accessed from both the Club’s east and north entrances. This is the largest of the Club’s two all-purpose rooms. It comes equipped with a flat-screen television display and moveable conference tables and chairs that can be configured for a number of settings. It is suitable to conduct business meetings, host birthday parties and other small gatherings. It is available for rent by the public and Club members.

The Joseph E. Blount Boardroom

The Joseph E. Blount Boardroom is on the mezzanine level, adjacent to the quiet of the Club Library and Study Center. The room is fully equipped with a 16-person conference table, executive chairs, projection capabilities, table plug-ins, and other meeting essentials to create a refined and reserved space for board meetings, staff meetings and other business-oriented meetings. This space is only available for use by pre-reservation.

Club Library and Deck

The Club Library is a dedicated student study center during the work week, with additional availability in the evening for adults to conduct their own work. Cell phone conversations are not allowed during these reserved periods. The library is furnished with work tables with power connections, comfortable seating, and an abundance of natural light to provide a cheerful, comfortable, and productive environment. The space is pre-wired for a projector screen and power at the west end of the room. Due to the type and amount of furniture, this room is seldom available for other purposes except during special events. At that time, the space may be set up for a variety of seminars and social gatherings.

Adjacent to the Library’s north face is the Club Sun Deck. It can be directly accessed from the east hallway, or during special events, directly from the library. This is and open, outdoor space overlooking the Club’s north entrance and gardens, and includes tables and chairs set up for socializing, phone conversations, or simply enjoying the fresh air.

The Kasputys Family Studio

The dedicated 1,600 square foot dance studio meets the growing need for specialized off-ice dance training and choreography. The Kasputys Family Studio is furnished with sprung flooring, a long wall with mirrors and ballet barre, a dedicated sound system, and a dividing curtain to separate the room into two spaces when necessary. The extra high ceiling and expansive windows make for a bright and cheerful space. Sound-dampened walls also provide a quiet space for privacy and focus inside while minimizing the amount of sound disruption outside of the studio.

When not in use for Club-scheduled dance classes and other activities, The Kasputys Family Studio is available to reserve for limited purposes by the Club’s coaches for choreography, jump classes, and other private off-ice instruction. Group classes will incur rental fees.

The Frieling Club Lounge

Removed from the Club’s day-to-day activities on the mezzanine, the Frieling Club Lounge is a sophisticated, private space offering comfortable seating to relax, watch TV, connect with friends, or watch Club skaters train on both the Performance Center and West Rink. Sound-dampening glass and doors ensure that even with music playing in both rinks, the lounge remains a comfortable space to relax, mingle or work without disruption.

With the Club’s adjacent fully-equipped professional kitchen, the Frieling Club Lounge can host seated and buffet dinner service (up to 140 seated), breakfast or lunch meetings, cocktail parties and other social gatherings. Due to the high demand and member-oriented nature of this space, the Frieling Club Lounge is generally not available for rent weekdays after 3:00 pm, or weekend mornings. Exceptions are possible depending on the Club schedule of special events. For special inquiries, please contact the Club Office at 617-782-5900.