The Skating Club of Boston in Norwood

The Skating Club of Boston is proud to join the welcoming community of Norwood, Massachusetts, and to share its love of the sport of figure skating with fans, both true and new.

Best-in-Class Facility

With one Olympic-size and two NHL-size skating rinks, The Skating Club of Boston has created a new destination for skating in the United States, and one that also welcomes town residents to share in the experience. Among the Club’s public offerings, there is New England’s premier learn-to-skate program, public skating and rentals for kids’ birthday parties, including function space and ice time.

50% Discount for Introductory Memberships

The Club’s Introductory memberships are one-year, trial memberships available to everyone who wants to initially experience the benefits of a full membership with a limited financial commitment. These already low membership fees are further discounted by 50% for Norwood residents.

Introductory Membership Benefits

  • Full access to the Club’s all-new, best-in-class facility with locker room privileges
  • Ability to contract ice time at a lower cost
  • Access to Club Ice and member-only sessions
  • Access to The Micheli Center for Sports Injury Prevention ($20/month)
  • Eligible to participate in the Club’s annual ice show, Ice Chips
  • Eligible to participate in the following Club events: Halloween Party, Holiday Pageant, and the Club Competition

10% Discount for Family Memberships

A Family membership is the Club’s full membership, offered to parents, guardians, children and grandchildren under the age of 25. Family memberships convey all the benefits of being a member of The Skating Club of Boston with no limitations. Every resident of Norwood, MA, is entitled to a 10% discount when registering for a Family membership.

50% Discount for Public Skating Sessions

The Skating Club of Boston offers multiple public skating sessions throughout the week. Public skating is a perfect opportunity to get on the ice and experience some recreational fun. Norwood residents are entitled to a 50% discount on public skating admission, for a cost of $10.00 (Adults) and $7.00 (children 12 and under) per session. Skate rentals are also available for $5.00 each, and skate aids can be rented for $8.00.

20% Introductory Discount for Learn-to-Skate Classes

The Club’s Learn to Skate USA program, The Skating Academy is New England’s premier ice-skating school offering award-winning, top-quality instruction and small group ice skating lessons for children and adults. Endorsed by USA Hockey and U.S. Figure Skating, The Skating Academy’s program offerings include Basic Skills, Hockey Skills, Advanced Basic Skills, Aspire and Adaptive Skating as well as a summer day camp. Whether you are interested in pursuing figure skating or hockey, the Club’s coaches will teach your skater the proper fundamentals of the sport so that they will be one of the strongest skaters on the ice.

When registering for any session with The Skating Academy, every Norwood resident is entitled to a 20% discount. Proof of residency is required. Town residents should call (617) 787-5283.

New Home of the Norwood High School Mustangs

The Skating Club of Boston is proud to be the new home of the Norwood High School Mustangs hockey team. The Club has added a giant Mustangs’ logo at center ice and the team logo on the scoreboard, as well as hung the team’s championship banners in the arena. In addition to the above, the Club has also sponsored a large photographic history of the Mustangs which has been installed along the wall in the east lobby of the new facility. There is no question who has home ice when the Mustangs play their games each week of the season.

Norwood Community Media

The Club has worked closely with the leadership of Norwood Community Media (NCM) to support their broadcasting of the Mustangs’ home games at the Club. The Club hardwired the east, multi-purpose rink with cabling for NCM to install fixed cameras for their broadcasts. It also assigned them space for a small broadcasting room to better support their activities in the facility. In the future, the Club hopes to provide added video and editing, internship opportunities for students studying and working in the NCM program.

Norwood Recreation Department

The Skating Club of Boston is excited to partner with the Norwood Recreation Department to support or further develop the Town’s recreational program, and is looking ahead to more events in 2021 and 2022.

On-Ice Entertainment and Events

In both the cold and warm weather, skating fans travel to The Skating Club of Boston to watch shows and competitions at every level. Many enjoy the Club’s expertly-presented, annual show, Ice Chips, the longest-running amateur skating show in the world. The Club also hosts the annual Boston Open, a non-qualifying skating competition held every September for more than thirty years. The Club will be hosting these, as well as a wide range of local, national and international figure-skating events in Norwood.

Added Revenue to Norwood

Even as a non-profit organization not obliged to pay property taxes, the Club has an agreement with the town that includes annual property tax payments of close to $100,000. The Club will also be generating added economic benefit to Norwood with visitors to Norwood hotels, restaurants and other services, on a daily basis and when in town for one of the Club’s special events. Many Club members are already Norwood residents, with one resident already representing Norwood and the United States at the top levels of national and international competition.