Club Awards

2017 recipients of the Blanchard Award

The Skating Club of Boston® appreciates and recognizes the hard work and individual achievements of everyone and all members in our community. The 2018 Club Awards will be presented at this year’s Annual Awards Banquet on Friday, May 11, 2018.

Members of The Skating Club of Boston are encouraged to submit completed nomination forms for consideration by the Awards Committee (or, in some cases, the other parties who determine award recipients). Please include the name of your nominee along with an explanation supporting their candidacy as defined by the award’s criteria.

Completed nominations must be submitted Monday, March 12, 2018 at 12:00pm.

Awards are not subject to a popular vote. The Awards Committee (or any party responsible for determining recipients) have solicited nominees to advise their choices but will act on their own discretion in choosing award winners.

Nominations for the 2018 Club Awards are being accepted through March 12, 2018 at 12:00pm.

Cecilia Colledge Award
Selected by Judging Panel at Club Competition.
Awarded to the skater in the Club Competition who best utilizes their creative powers of imagination, interpretation and expression.

Recent recipients: 2017 Annabelle Rie, 2016 Alexandra Roloff, 2015 Alexandra Roloff, 2014 Astrid Grahn-Farley, 2013 Isabelle Dost, 2012 Isabelle Dost

Tenley Albright Award
Selected by Judging Panel at Club Competition.
Given for exceptional artistic expression during the Free Skating portion of the annual Club Competition. Skaters competing at the Intermediate level and above are eligible for this award.

Recent recipients: 2017 Liza Hayes, 2016 Victoria Laub, 2015 Liza Hayes, 2014 Ellie Beriau, 2013 Megan Wessenberg, 2012 Alexandra Iovanna

Mary Louise Wright Memorial Exhibition Award
Award is chosen by the JAC Chairs.
Created by the Junior Activities Committee in memory of Mary Louise Wright, herself a champion skater and longtime World Judge, and presented annually to a competitive skater or skaters who embody the knowledge and spirit needed to grow, not only as an athlete, but as an individual and role model. This award is given to an athlete or athletes who have demonstrated an effective balance of academic and competitive achievement, while being active participants in the activities and events of the Club.

Recent Recipients: 2017 Phillip Baker, Sydney Reynders, 2016 Gabriella Izzo, Megan Wessenberg, 2015 Jessica Lin, Heidi Munger, Julia Steeger, 2014 Isabelle Dost & Megan Wessenberg, 2013 Olivia Pastore, Adrian Huertas, 2012 Layla Siraj, Liam Beatson

Spirit of Ice Chips Award
Award selected the Ice Chips Committee and the Larson-Holt families.
Created in honor of Emily and Sheppard Holt for their sixty, consecutive years of skating in Ice Chips, the recipient of this award demonstrates an enduring and exceptional commitment to The Skating Club of Boston and to Ice Chips.

Recent recipients: 2017 Alen Krawiec, 2016 Katharine Steeger, 2015 Sally Zeghibe, 2014 Warren Naphtal, 2013 Jarshen Lin, 2012 Kimberly Donlan

Tufts Bowl
Awarded to the winner of the intermediate Free Skating event at the annual Club Competition.

2017 Recipient: Hazel Collier

Maribel Y. Owen Memorial Trophy
Awarded to the winner of the preliminary Free Skating event at the annual Club Competition.

2017 Recipient: Sophie Zhang Nacke

Marion Proctor Trophy
Awarded to the winner of the Beginner Freestyle event.

2017 Recipient: Catherine Witkowski

2017 Club Awards Photo Gallery

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