Club Awards

The Skating Club of Boston® appreciates and recognizes the hard work and individual achievements of everyone and all members in our community. The Club Awards are presented annually at the Annual Awards Banquet.

Members of The Skating Club of Boston are encouraged to submit completed nomination forms for consideration by the Awards Committee (or, in some cases, the other parties who determine award recipients). Please include the name of your nominee along with an explanation supporting their candidacy as defined by the award’s criteria.

Awards are not subject to a popular vote. The Awards Committee (or any party responsible for determining recipients) have solicited nominees to advise their choices but will act on their own discretion in choosing award winners.

Club Competition Awards 

George Atkinson Jr, Cup –  Senior Men
Polly Kline Cup – Juvenile Girls
Albright Artistic Award – Given for exceptional artistic impression during the free skating portion of the annual Club Competition. Skaters competing at the Intermediate level and above are eligible for this award.
Marion Proctor Trophy – Beginner  Free Skating
A. Windsor Weld Cup – Senior Ladies
Cecilia Colledge Award – Awarded to the skater in the Club Competition who best utilizes their creative powers of imagination and expression in interpreting the music.
Daniel C. Robinsion Cup – Senior Pairs
Nathaniel W. Niles Cup – Junior Men
James A. Tower Cup – Junior Ladies
Tufts Bowl – Intermediate Women
Maribel Vinson Owen – Preliminary Skating
Mary Marley Trophy – Junior Ladies Short Program
Robert W. Vose Trophy – Junior Dance
Gertrude L. Glazier Cup – Similar Pairs