2022 Cranberry Open and Cranberry Cup International | August 8 – 14, 2022

The Cranberry Open has an illustrious history of world-class officials and was held for 39 years on Cape Cod as one of the premier figure skating competitions in the country. The competition is permanently moving to Norwood and will be hosted by The Skating Club of Boston. Events will include well balanced, adult, Excel and pairs.

The Cranberry Cup is an international competition held in conjunction with the Cranberry Open, for international singles and pairs competitors in junior and senior events. Learn more.

Past Competitions

2022 Excel National Festival| July 14 – 17, 2022

The Excel National Festival is made up of two competitions, the Excel Series Final and the Excel Open Competition. The Excel Series Final is an invite-only event for the top skaters from the Excel Series at the plus levels and novice, junior and senior. The Excel Open Competition is a competition open to skaters at the beginner through intermediate levels that competed in at least two Excel Series competitions.

Excel Series Final competitors also participate in the Finalist Camp which includes a number of on and off-ice sessions. The Excel Open Competition skaters have a Festival experience with different off-ice activities including a movement class, meet & greet with Team USA skaters and an ice cream social. There is also additional programming for coaches and parents scheduled throughout the weekend.

2022 Theatre On Ice Spring Challenge Cup| April 21 – 23, 2022

With the recent postponement of the 2022 Nations Cup and Adult Gold Cup to 2023 (in Norwood), The Skating Club of Boston is proud to host the 2022 Theatre On Ice Spring Challenge Cup, April 21 – 23, 2022.  The competition is part of a short series of events for Theatre On Ice that include the 2022 Winter Challenge Cup hosted by Detroit Skating Club in January, 2022, and the 2022 U.S. National Theatre On Ice competition in June. These competitions will be considered as part of a team’s body of work for advancement to Nations’ Cup and Adult Gold Cup in 2023. The events will also feature U.S. Figure Skating educational programming including coaches’ seminar and critiques.

2021 U.S. International Figure Skating Classic
& U.S. Challenge Skate
| September 15 – 19, 2021

U.S. Figure Skating recently announced it will host the 2021 U.S. International Figure Skating Classic at The Skating Club of Boston. This event will be held alongside the U.S. Challenge Skate, which is a developmental competition for domestic novice and junior competitors.

The U.S. International Figure Skating Classic is a senior international event, for singles and ice dance competitors selected by their Federation. The disciplines included in the U.S. Challenge Skate will be decided by U.S. Figure Skating. Registration information will be sent to qualified athletes by U.S. Figure Skating.

2021 Boston Open | September 30 – October 3, 2021

The Boston Open is an annual figure skating competition hosted by The Skating Club of Boston since 1976. As the last large competition in the northeast, the Boston Open is the perfect stop for skaters to improve their skating programs before the U.S. Figure Skating qualifying season begins. Learn more.


2022 U.S. Championship Series | November 8 – 13, 2021

The U.S. Figure Skating Championship Series presented by Toyota is a series of eight competitions giving athletes the opportunity to compete at up to two competitions in the location of their choice. Advancement to the 2022 Toyota U.S. Figure Skating Championships and assignment to the National High Performance Development Team, will be based on each skater’s highest score earned, rather than placement at each competition. The Norwood event is near the end of the Championship Series calendar and the event will feature singles and pairs events in juvenile to senior.

The 2021 Boston Synchronized Skating Classic | November 20 – 21, 2021

Hosted by Team Excel and The Skating Club of Boston, the 2021 Boston Synchronized Skating Classic takes place at the Club’s new facility for the first time. The Boston Synchronized Skating Classic will be conducted in accordance with the rules and regulations of U.S. Figure Skating, as set forth in the current Rulebook as well as any pertinent updates which have been posted on the U.S. Figure Skating web site. This competition is open to all synchronized teams comprised of members who are eligible, restricted, reinstated or readmitted persons, as defined by the Eligibility Rules, and currently registered members of a U.S. Figure Skating member club, a collegiate club or an individual member in accordance with the current U.S. Figure Skating Rulebook. Refer to the current rulebook regarding eligibility of non-U.S. citizens. This event is proud to participate in the National Synchronized Skating Series. Participation in this series is open to all Snowplow Sam Synchro, Synchro Skills 1, 2 or 3 teams and preliminary, pre-juvenile, open juvenile, open collegiate, open adult and open masters teams. Visit for more information on this series. Results of this event for participating teams will be reported to U.S. Figure Skating for calculation of the series results.

2022 Eastern Synchronized Skating Sectional Championships &
U.S. Synchronized Skating International Classic | January 25 – 30, 2022

The Eastern Synchronized Skating Sectional Championships typically welcomes upwards of 150 east-coast-based synchronized skating teams with nearly 2,500 athletes. For grassroots and open teams, the event marks the culmination of their qualifying season, while teams in the juvenile through senior events compete for an opportunity to advance to the U.S. Synchronized Skating Championships, in Colorado Springs in March 2022.

U.S. Synchronized Skating International Classic is one of five international competitions included in the ISU Challenger Series for Synchronized Skating and is expected to draw 12 international teams at the junior and senior levels.

U.S. Figure Skating Championships

The Skating Club of Boston has hosted the U.S. Figure Skating Championships six times over the course of its history, most recently in January 2014, with the 2014 Prudential U.S. Figure Skating Championships, which served as the Olympic qualifying event for Sochi 2014.

ISU World Figure Skating Championships

The Skating Club of Boston hosted the 2016 ISU World Championships in 2016. This was Boston’s first time hosting Worlds. Numerous events were sold out during the competition, and athletes, ISU officials and fans called it one of the best World Figure Skating Championships ever. The event generated an estimated $40 million in visitor spending for the City of Boston.

Synchronized Skating Championships

The Skating Club of Boston hosted its first U.S. Synchronized Skating Championships in January of 2012, at the DCU Center in Worcester, MA.

ISU World Synchronized Skating Championships

The Club partnered with U.S. Figure Skating in 2012 to serve as the local operations committee for the 2013 ISU World Synchronized Skating Championships and plans to bid for future World Synchronized Skating Championships.

New England Regional and Eastern Sectional Figure Skating Championships

The Club has hosted the New England Regional Championships 22 times, including the very first New England Championships in 1915. The Club has hosted the Eastern Sectional Figure Skating Championships 7 times in its history. The Club’s new venue will be able to accommodate all competition and practices for both of these important, annual qualifying competitions.