Dance Classes at the Club

Dear Member,

We are pleased to announce that beginning June 18th, Synergy Studios will be managing all dance programming and classes for the coming year in The Kasputys Family Studio here at the Club. Longtime Club member, Brooke Frieling, is both an accomplished skater and dancer, and started Synergy Studios with an interest to combine her passion for both disciplines. The Club is making this change in the interest of expanding the offerings of The Kasputys Family Studio, and to explore our better serving the wide and varied interests of the Club’s membership and surrounding community. This includes skaters wanting to augment their on-ice training with a wider variety of dance classes, and also members of every age who may never have taken the ice at all, but are interested in learning more about the world of dance.

More information about Synergy Studios can be found HERE. All questions or suggestions about dance classes and programming should go to Brooke directly at

Thank you,

The Skating Club of Boston