Ice Schedule & Contract Ice

Skating Club of Boston ice schedule

Boston Ice Schedules

Summer Ice (June 24th – August 25th)

** Notice! Priority deadline for Summer Ice is going to be extended to Wednesday April 25, 2018 at 11:59 pm.
Please read this notice as we understand members may need a few more days to book due to the new online system. 

2018 Summer Ice Schedule (pdf)

Week 1: 6/24-6/30
Week 2: 7/1-7/7
Week 3: 7/8-7/14
Week 4: 7/15-7/21
Week 5: 7/22-7/28
Week 6: 7/29-8/4
Week 7: 8/5-8/11
Week 8: 8/12-8/18
Week 9: 8/19-8/25

2018 Summer Ice Contract Guidelines (pdf)

2018 Summer Fun Exhibition

Summer Fun Exhibitions on July 12th and August 2nd signups are open on ActiveNet as well.
Regular Friday Night Exhibitions during the summer are still done through the Club office.


Fall-Spring Ice (August 27th – June 23rd)

2017-2018 Ice Schedule (pdf)

Understanding the Ice Schedule (pdf)

Foxboro ice scheduleFoxboro Schedules

2017-2018 Foxboro Ice Schedule and Contract Ice

Summer 2018 Contract Ice

Please contact Mandy Curtin for additional information regarding registration at the Foxboro Satellite.

Mandy Curtin, Foxboro Director of Programs

Please review the Club’s Membership Guide (pdf) for detailed information about contracting ice along with explanations of member and non-member sessions, walk-ons, expected behavior, and payment.

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