Ice Schedules & Contract Ice

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2021 Summer Ice: June 20th – September 4th

How to contract Summer Ice online!

Online registration for Contract Ice during the 2021 Summer Ice schedules is now available through the online portal, ActiveNet. Please take a few moments to review the notes included below.

Which registration option do I choose?
Membership Registration
Any member on a Club membership with skating privileges.

  • Family, Single, Introductory, U.S./World Championships Competitor

Non-Membership Registration
Any non-member or member with a Club membership that does not include skating privileges.

  • Friends of the Club, Team, Officials, Honorary

Fees and Payment
How to View Fees: Please note that some days may indicate prices starting at $0.00 per day. To view the full list of prices for the day, please select View fee details, which is located on the right-hand side of your screen during registration.

Member Registration Payment: All members with skating privileges have the option to either be billed for their ice on the first day of each month for sessions occurring within that month or they can choose to pay for all ice fees at the time of registration by deselecting the payment plan feature.

Non-Member Registration Payment: All non-members and non-skating memberships are required to pay for all ice fees at the end of the online checkout process.

Select Your Registration Option!

Summer Exhibition Registration

During the 2021 Summer Ice schedules, the traditional Friday Night Exhibitions will instead be taking place on Wednesdays (Performance Center at 2:30 pm) and Thursdays (West Rink at 3:10 pm). In addition to this change, the Club is also offering an online registration form for Club Exhibitions. Any member wishing to register to participate in an exhibition can now do so by registering through the button below. Please note that those registering must do so before the Monday of each week. To view the Guidelines and Rules for Club Exhibitions, please click here.

 Current Schedules: May 2nd – June 19th

Contract Ice Documents

2020-2021 Understanding the Schedule (PDF)
2020-2021 Contract Ice Guidelines (PDF)
2020-2021 Premium/Platinum Contract Application (PDF)
2020-2021 Add/Drop Form (PDF)

Please review the Club’s Membership Guide (pdf) for detailed information about contracting ice along with explanations of member and non-member sessions, walk-ons, expected behavior, and payment.

How to contract ice online!

Standard registration for contract ice takes place through the Club’s online portal ActiveNet. While only members are allowed to contract ice during the months of September through June, the 9-week Summer Ice Schedule does allow non-members to contract. Non-members wishing to contract ice during the summer months, or register for an off-ice dance class (available online year-round), must first create their own account.