Dr. Tenley E. Albright Academic Center

During the weekdays, the Dr. Tenley E. Albright Academic Center serves as an academic study center within the Club’s library on the facility’s mezzanine. A space free from distractions, our members participating in a remote-learning program can use the space to participate in their study program of choice, and our other skaters can use the space for academic study before, between or after skating sessions. The Club will provide on-site supervision during established weekdays, with both a morning and early afternoon 3-hour time block. Members must pre-register to use the Academic Center unless it is after hours or on the weekends. Registration preference will be given to athletes pursuing a full-time, remote-learning program.

There will be two academic blocks each weekday (Monday-Friday)*

  • 8:00 AM – 11:00 AM
  • 12:00 PM – 3:00 PM

Members in a remote-learning program that wish to use the space must register online using this form. You must select an academic block each day but they may be different throughout the week. To register to be a part of this program, please complete the Academic Center Registration Form.

If a member is attending public school and is doing remote learning on a part-time or full-time basis, they may use the study space and pre-registration using the above link is also necessary. During those two 3-hour academic blocks, however, priority in the Academic Center will be given to members enrolled in a full-time, remote-learning program. All skaters entering the Academic Center will be asked to sign-in, and the Club will set-up an additional quiet space, if necessary.

As part of the program, skaters will also be provided with recommendations for tutors, college admission advisors, career counselors, guidance counselors, testing centers and other important resources.

List of Recommended Remote-Learning Programs





TECCA Connections Academy TECCA Yes K-12
Greenfield Commonwealth Virtual School GCVS Yes K-12, + cont ed
Pearson Online Academy Pearson Online Academy Yes K-12
Laurel Springs School Laurel Springs School Yes K-12
K12 Academy K12 Private Academy Yes K-12
Keystone School Keystone School Yes K-12
US Performance Academy US Performance Academy Yes 6-12
James Madison High School James Madison High School Yes 9-12
Fusion Fusion Academy Yes 6-12
Prestans Online Academy Prestans Academy Yes 9-12

*This list has been compiled to help families as they select which remote-learning program is best for their athlete and is not inclusive of all available programs.

General Guidelines

  • Skaters should be 9 years old or a minimum of 4th grade, based on ability to work without 1-1 supervision.
  • Skaters will be asked to leave all materials, other than what is needed for schooling, in their locker.
  • Gaming, social media, cell phone conversations, and other distracting activities will not be allowed.
  • Students are encouraged to participate in both live and asynchronous learning during the day. Headphones are strongly recommended for live class participation.
  • No food will be allowed. Students are encouraged to bring their own beverage into the classroom and take a break for lunch/snacks in the Club Lounge or other common space.

Health and Safety Guidelines

  • The Academic Center will follow the current Club health and safety guidelines
  • Space will be disinfected between morning and afternoon blocks, and in the evening.

Proctors Wanted!

If you have an educational background and are interested in proctoring an academic block at the Academic Center, please reach out to Erika Hoffman at erika.hoffman@scboston.org. These blocks will be assigned by week, so the amount of commitment is up to you.