The Studio

The Studio at The Skating Club of Boston offers movement classes for all kinds of movers! Whether you are an elite athlete, a recreational skater, or are simply interested in engaging in some healthy exercise, The Studio has a class for you.

Our instructors are highly-trained professionals whose core values are rooted in body positivity and providing a safe, healthy environment for expression. Each instructor brings a unique skill set to the Club and encourages cross-training for athletes. They also stress the importance of fundamentals to each student.

Health and Safety Notice:
Due to COVID-19 health and safety guidelines, class sizes are limited to 20 participants. Masks must be worn by all participants and instructors in The Studio.

The Studio Updates:
  • Join us on Tuesday, July 13 at 12 pm in The Studio for a FREE Tai Chi demonstration, taught by Club member and certified instructor, Dr. Vincent Chun. Learn how Tai Chi can help you command the ice, have higher jumps and softer landings, translate your skating with graceful movements and create a calmness for body and mind helpful during competitions. All members are welcome to register. Click here to register!

Summer Schedule Pricing

Endurance and Agility for Skaters, Total Body Warm-Up, and Guided Stretch: 

  • Member Pre-Registered: $15.00
  • Member Walk-On: $18.00
  • Non-Member Pre-Registered: $18.00
  • Non-Member Walk-On: $21.00

All Other Classes:

  • Member Pre-Registered: $20.00
  • Member Walk-On: $20.00
  • Non-Member Pre-Registered: $22.00
  • Non-Member Walk-On: $25.00

Class Schedule

June 20 - September 4

All participants must check-in and pay at the Club office before attending a class.

Club coaches can rent The Studio at a rate of $50/50mins for their students’ use.

Ballroom – Coming Soon!

Elin Schran
Studio Coordinator
Adam Blake
Marissa Castelli
Caroline Depietri
Andru Escoto
Brooke Frieling
Anne Goldberg-Baldwin
Kseniya Melyukhina
Andrea Sobieraj
Mary Walek