Volunteer for the Adaptive Skating Program!

Dear Member,

The Skating Club of Boston’s Learn to Skate USA program, The Skating Academy, is looking for volunteers to assist with its Adaptive Skating program. Adaptive Skating is a unique program providing children and adults with disabilities access to the sport of figure skating by offering them an opportunity to participate in a specialized skating experience. The program director, instructors, volunteer coordinator, and volunteers, work closely with each skater and family to tailor their individual instructional needs.

Typically, skaters begin their lessons with 40-minute one-on-one lessons. As the session progresses, they are re-evaluated to determine if they are ready to transition into small groups of one instructor and a maximum of 3 students. For many skaters, there have been amazing transformations week to week, and session to session!

If you’re interested in volunteering or have any questions regarding the program, please contact the Academy Director, Theresa DeGiacomo, at theresa.degiacomo@scboston.org. For more information regarding the program, please click here.


The Skating Club of Boston